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Little tale

19 June 2012, 18:18 Rating: 4 [+]

A Forest Titan attacked my fort and my squad of Axedorfs fought back and forth with the bastard for a month trying to bring him down. The only loss was the right arm of one guy when the Titan clamped his jaws down on it and ripped it off. He trailed blood all the way back to the Fort after the battle was over, but instead of going to the hospital to get patched up, he went straight back down to the barracks and started training to use his axe in his other hand.
Thinking he had a fucked up sense of priorities I kicked him out of the military so he would quit training and go see the doctor. All he did after he was discharged was grab a drink and hang out in the mess hall. I checked him out carefully and saw that he'd stopped bleeding naturally, was as happy as he'd ever been and had "suffered minor injuries lately". Dude got his fucking arm ripped off by a giant snake, fought with his offhand for half of a month killing said snake, and just shrugged it off and went back training as soon as the battle was over. I promoted him to Baron.