Dwarf Fortress Stories

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The Rampage of Acathi

02 August 2016, 00:12 Rating: 0 [+]

I slammed myself against the door to the training facility, but it wouldn’t budge. Molten rock had crystallized and sealed the door, and now frozen tears of stone adorned the iron-reinforced wood. The heat drove me
away from the doorway, and Oslanzanos appeared at my shoulder, coughing from the heat and soot. His knuckles were white around the handle of his axe.

“Kulinerib, sir! We have to get through this door,” he said.

“I know, soldier. What of Captain Uzolabir?”

“The marksdwarves report that they are trapped. Two doors are melted; the third collapsed,” Oslanzanos replied.

“Damn. Grab Cilo and Renu and see if your axes can open up –“

My order was interrupted by a shuttering tremor from below
us. Deep below us. In the heart of
the fortress.

“NOW!” I screamed. As Oslanzanos moved back into the billowing smoke, yelling for his comrades, I heaved my great Warhammer at the
door. My arms tautened as the exquisitely tempered steel, forged in this very fortress, met the iron bracings of the­ door. No avail.

Our entire military was trapped in these rooms!

In a matter of moments, Oslanzanos had returned, with the other axedwarves in tow. The door was beset by the glimmering edges of that
renowned steel.

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Crash Course Funtime Baby Oh Yeah Armok 05

02 June 2016, 17:40 Rating: 4 [+]

Urist mc iiztimliderr, the expedition leader of team...is sick and tired of being sick and tired of having to see the tiny fort that he oversees suffer from famine. Day and night, da dorfs went on a constant venture on scavanging any piece of food left they can find within the proximity of the fort. The livestock have all been reduced to bones and skull from its original juicy-porky-oinking state, the seeds of the crops have all been used up to feed the people, those who were planted were long abandoned by the now dead farmers who put sweat, tears, and dorf booze in the hope of saving the fort, the childrens...OOOH! THE CHILDRENS, WONT SOMEONE CARE FOR THE CHILDRENS...the ambitious project that was assigned to the dorfs was never near its completion, so Urist thought that if he flood the land, the dorfs could finally be saved by the vegetation growth.

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R00d Dwarf

24 March 2016, 23:25 Rating: 4 [+]

Urist likes Asmel the Goblin, for he is the perfect target to practice my spitting on.

Cøati bites Kan be pretti nasti

22 February 2016, 20:15 Rating: 12 [+]

One fine dwarf day a curious coati wandered near my fortress to
see if there were any shiny things lying about to steal.  It ran afoul
of a woodcutter and an herbalist out doing their jobs.  The coati ran
away, but the woodcutter and herbalist chased after it, intent on
killing it.  The herbalist caught up to it first and the two tusseled
briefly before the dwarf fainted.  The woodcutter then caught and killed
the coati.  Fearing for the herbalist's health, I checked the combat
logs.  I read, in slowly growing horror:

The coati bites the herbalist in the lower body, bruising the muscle through the (llama wool cloak)!
The geldables have been torn away!

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Violation of production order

13 February 2016, 19:16 Rating: 9 [+]

The mayor demands production of a pick. However i do not find any adequate metal and can not trade enough.

Time passes by and i build a tavern, bards start dropping by.
Eventually the deadline passes. But the mayor will not let this go and demands justice.

He orders the hammering of the some human bard

Wrath of the Weresheep

29 January 2016, 11:39 Rating: 8 [+]

Let me tell You the story of the weresheep the woolen horror which
haunted the fortress "strikemirror" and has taken it close to defeat

I embarked in year 250 in a really peaceful
spot. Between a dwarfen and a human controlled region there should not
be much hassle with invaders and both the lands as well as the mountain
were full of riches.

Things went pretty smoth
for one year. For defense i deployed the good old dwarfen bunker. One
entry to the castle secured with a raising bridge, one outer wall with
two raising bridges. Right behind the outer wall was the trade Depot and
a lot of farming and pasturing was going on. 
Then the
weresheep arrived at the gates. It immediatly started charging at my
dwarfes. I ordered the bridges raised, but all the dwarfes nearby the
lever decided to have a drink first or socialize with visitors.

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The fort of Zimkelolin

05 November 2015, 03:41 Rating: 10 [+]

This is my first story here so I hope you like it. The story is about a fort that I'm running right now. I'll update this story as I play along!!! I hope you like it!

7 brave dwarves ventured into the mountains to make a glorious new outpost.
We arrived at the embark location. It didn't look like I expected. No damn hills! Only one little hill. Which is at the verry end of our embark. We'll have to dig straight down then!
We struck galena! We just hit the ground and found this rather useless ore. We'll turn it in some crafts later on to sell to some Merchants.
We have established the basics! We got kitchen (with still and butchery) up and running. The farm is doing great so far. We also have a basic meeting hall now and a dorm. But don't forget our awesome treasure room!
We started digging out the galena to turn into crafts. We set up a basic crafting area to make stone crafts and all kind of other things. It won't take long before the Merchants arrive. Better hurry and make some crafts!
The Merchants are here. I'll try to sell some crafts we could finish aswell as some food and drinks.
The Merchants didn't have anything really usefull for us. I just took the golden bar a pick and some other stuff.
We have way to many food and drinks. Every dwarf is bussy getting the galena to the stock pile. We'll have a lot of lead and lead crafts being made. The next caravan better be a big one!
Everything is running fine. I'll have to think about a miltary sooner or later. We also need more gold way more gold or the secret project wont be able to be build!
The fort is exists of 16 dwarves right now.
I'm going to take a rest. All that hauling made me tired.

So that was my first post. I'll update as soon as I'm able to play a bit more.