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I'm a surgeon

15 July 2012, 15:11 Rating: 5 [+]

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Tales from Dwarf Fortress

15 July 2012, 08:06 Rating: 19 [+]


12 July 2012, 05:37 Rating: 2 [+]

I knocked went out in a blaze of glory. Literally.
The elves were no trouble. Recruits could kick their asses easily. My army was almost entirely elites in their respective weapons thanks to the undead weasel that wouldn't loving die. Best target practice. I was able to ignore the giant rhino forgotten beast because it seemed content to chase around a lost cat.
Not even goblins could stop them, and I was only in my third year. That one little husk of a weasel proved to be my downfall, for it filled me with a false sense of security.
First, the goblins attacked. Then, a forgotten beast appeared. Then, not a minute after, the undead came.

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Cacame (made by Tim Denee)

11 July 2012, 05:26 Rating: 23 [+]

This is ... awesome!

09 July 2012, 19:09 Rating: 5 [+]

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I'm ash zombie

02 July 2012, 11:29 Rating: 11 [+]

I'm playing DF with eleves, dwarves and goblins having cities. So I generate a new world with lots of evil and start an adventurer.
For some reason despite being human I start in a goblin hamlet in the middle of some haunted hills. The goblins take a immediate dislike to my human adventurer and a fight breaks out between me and the goblin townsfolk. I'm doing pretty well since most of the goblins are farmers but in the middle of the melee a ash cloud rolls in engulfing a goblin and transforming him into a Haunting Ash zombie. At this point I figure I'm pretty much screwed, most of the undead formed from clouds are insanely tough, so I run... straight into another ash cloud. But here's the thing, my adventure doesn't die, HE turns into an Ash zombie too. I turn back and kill the goblin Ash zombie and despite getting my brain broken keep adventuring.

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Urist McMiner

02 July 2012, 08:10 Rating: 5 [+]

I had a legendary miner, who hollowed out the whole fort by himself, he got caught in a cave-in. Ended up with a lot of broken bones,but with no nerve damage and no infection,so he was likely to make a recovery. There were two doctors just for him,constantly sewing him up,bandaging him like a mummy,everything modern dwarf medicine has to offer.
Then a new miner arrives with a bunch of migrants, and he's already a high master,so I immediately start setting up mining again. By this time the doctors had already finished with the old miner and he starts telling me he's too injured to mine. So I deselect his mining job and go see how the mining's going. I minute later I get a message he's been found dead. He snuck into his room and died in his bed.
I'm sorry Urist McMiner.