Dwarf Fortress Stories

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Hard life

18 June 2012, 19:38 Rating: 1 [+]

I never built a bed.
My dwarfs catch some sleep standing against a wall.
I wake them up to continue mining.
Such is the life under my rule.

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Nil Bastionhall against swarm of goblins

18 June 2012, 19:22 Rating: 29 [+]

Mine was a marginally successful fortress in it's early legs of life. It was still being crafted into a true home - much of the buildings were still temporary jobs. Things were running just as they would be as normal, until a vile force of darkness reared it's head over the far hill, in attempts to pluck some easy riches. This was an important occasion for two reasons. One, because it was one of the first that the fortress keeper had seen and second because the defensive wall was only half built.

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Thorig Ashcun and his faithful dogs

18 June 2012, 19:17 Rating: 9 [+]

Thorig Ashcun was a young hunter eager to prove his worth to the fortress and bring home a meal. Armed with his crossbow and his two trusty hunting dogs he traveled into the wilderness. Young Thorig forgot to bring his bolts. He was attacked a wolf by bashing it with his crossbow. Needless to say that did not go well and his left eye was gouged out and his right leg was hurt. His hunting dogs managed to save him. He was carried to his bed were he lapsed into a coma for a whole year. His dogs never left his side. When Thorig finally awoke, he picked up his crossbow (and bolts) and decided to go hunt. He chased a wolf across the map and when he finally cornered the wolf, it turned on him and mauled him. His two hunting dogs managed to save his life. Yet again he went into a come for 4 years. His dogs never left his side. When Thorig came back I stuck him to fishing duty to prevent any more accidents. Thorig occasionally fainted randomly ( I don't know why). One day when he was fishing a goblin siege came. Thorig fainted. His hunting dogs protected him from a squad of goblins long enough for Thorig to awake and flee into the fortress. This was the last time the dogs could save Thorig. They were both slaughtered by the goblin horde. Thorig never left the fortress again.

Amost Fathtoral

18 June 2012, 19:05 Rating: 6 [+]

I was sieged by several squads of goblins including some marksgoblins. But because I had so many champions I figured it would be no problem so I sent my guys out. Only too late did I realize that everyone except for axelord Amost Fathtoral were sleeping or partying. So Amost Fathtoral did the only logical thing, he went out to face the hordes alone. As he approaches the horde both his lungs are immediately pierced by a crossbow bolt. But this doesn't stop him, he charges their ranks and cuts down goblins by the dozen.

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On Eral Azikirit's life and death

18 June 2012, 18:51 Rating: 3 [+]

Eral Azikirit was the star soldier of Kuletsedil's swordsdwarf division. Single-handedly fighting off entire sieges and crushing kobolds with her bare hands. Once, while she filled her waterskin, she strangled an attacking carp to death with no injuries. Legendary in military, crafting, and social stats, she sped through the fortress with confidence and visible power.

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Fikod Olinatast

18 June 2012, 18:34 Rating: 4 [+]

The son of a miner, Fikod had a hard life. Fikod lost his father to Fire Imps at a young age, grew with the fortess and tried to fit in as best he could. He endured the three great fires of 204-205 that incinerated the surrounding woodland, the famines of 208-209, drought, and countless goblin seiges, as well as deadly carp. After the Great Carp Massacre of 210 the fortress entered a state of unrest.

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Lazy ass dwarf....

18 June 2012, 12:31 Rating: 22 [+]

Broker has no job.
Broker has no job.
Broker has no job.
An Elven Caravan has arrived.
Broker Requested at Depot.
Broker goes on break.
The filthy elf merchants will be leaving soon.
Broker eats lunch and has a beer.
The filth elf merchants are on their way out.
Broker no longer required at depot.
Broker has no job.