Dwarf Fortress Stories

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The last record

19 June 2012, 11:53 Rating: 4 [+]

This will be the last record of what happened at this camp. The men who fought so bravely and endured so much must be remembered. At first the fort was thriving. Then we dug too deep. The magma was abandoned along with many dwarves. Just after this slaughter siege came and our grief was great. Many went insane, but still our fort clung on. We began to rebuild, we thought we were safe. We were wrong. A second siege came, so much stronger than the first. Hordes of goblins and trolls. Our population was halved in minutes. Everyone, save I (reserved for medical duty) was drafted to try and fend off the horde.

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Zamnil "Samuel" Bugman and his famous Brewery

19 June 2012, 11:26 Rating: 12 [+]

I started a new fortress in a heavily wooded 3x3 area of wilderness with a nice river. I decided the build an above ground village, Bugman's Brewery, and the fort has been running quite smoothly for over a decade now.
My starting group consisted of a Zamnil "Samuel" Bugman, Head Brewer, the manager/brewer of the outpost and novice in mining and woodcutting; a female cook/doctor, who would eventually become his wife; plus 5 farmers that had additional farming-related skills. (I had to reembark once to get the genders right). Right from the beginning I made Samuel dig underground cellars for food and booze storage, and then made him cut down most of the map's trees. The rest started gathering plants and building wooden buildings.

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Letter to a friend about Dwarf Fortress

19 June 2012, 10:23 Rating: 8 [+]

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Raging metalsmith

19 June 2012, 10:03 Rating: 1 [+]

Got a fortress going pretty good, about 150 dwarfs most packed into 3 square very tight slums. City is pretty much auto managing.
–ěne random metalsmith dwarf gets the idea to make something, locks himself in a workshop, gets everything he needs except a fish, whatever the fuck he was making I'll never know. Nearest water source is an underground cave currently containing 4 ignored forgotten beasts.
"Fuck it, he will get over it".
Throws tantrum. Goes berserk while walking through slums.

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19 June 2012, 05:16 Rating: 13 [+]

Are you a real dwarfer? Check yourself!
Open image and then click the link "Full size" below image for detailed info.

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Two best friends

18 June 2012, 20:51 Rating: 14 [+]

I had two dwarves who were like best friends. These guys were the only two surviving members of the original seven (I'd had some trouble with the locals) and in a fort of like 50 dudes were some of my best dwarves. One of them made an artifact cabinet out of marble and carried it everywhere with him.
A goblin siege happened, and I ordered all my dwarves to get inside as I had a pretty good defensive setup in there. Unfortunately, my legendary mason was slowed by his cabinet, and he didn't make it all the way to the fort before the goblins caught him and killed him.

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18 June 2012, 19:52 Rating: 71 [+]

Having started as your standard Dwarf Fortress, the Hamlet of Tyranny was uneventful by normal standards. Sure there would be caravans and immigrants and occasional (though unusually rare) sieges, but there was a dark and DEADLY secret buried beneath the hills. And his name was Ashmalice.
Ashmalice was a fire demon of legendary status. Not only had he existed in the prehistory of the fort, but he had over 550 kills - which included 2 entire tribes of goblins, a handful of elves, and a terrifying amount of dwarves... one of whom was the king of the mountain-homes.

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