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The Tale of the Wicked Ogre Vampire

23 September 2019, 19:22 Rating: 7 [+]

    In the world of Xah Thran, The Dimension of Dawning, there lived a human. She was born before time, and by the dawn of the first year, she had grown to be a woman. Her name was Spepip Beardeddresses. She lived a simple life in the hamlet of Copperreins before gaining the attention of Ero Handledcombats. The two had married the next year, and set to make their lives in the town of Searedracks.
After moving, she began work in The Harvest of Garnish, and whether it was with charming words or skilled brewing, she had earned ownership of the tavern. She and Ero had 12 children, but with how she treated every regular to the bar, she made a family of everyone.
    The following year after, word had spread of her ability to bring unity to others, and of her warmth. These rumors flew towards the ears of The Soapy Chapel, home of The Sugary Coven. As if by fate, she had attracted the attention of the ears of Rafeb Hopbuckled, goddess of families. The priests had come with a proposal: a well-deserved spot amongst their council. She graciously accepted, being an ardent believer of Rafeb herself. Her devotion had, in truth, been underestimated at the time. Later that year, she had been given the highest title of Sacred Mule to The Soapy Chapel. She was now a person of great renown to The Nation of Waves.

    She wouldn't have been the only one, either. Five years passed, and with a push of popular support, her husband Ero had been given the title of general. The both of them became well-loved across all of their people.

    However, the story yet unfolds.
    In the Year 13, The Nation of Waves had decreed that an annual winter festival would befit their prosperity. The celebration was named The Soapy Festivals, headed by The Sugary Coven themselves each year. The festivals would include the throwing of war hammers and foot races, or one of the two if both were not possible.
    Being a sporty woman who loves good competition, Spepip volunteered to participate in these games each year. The first two festivals, she saw loss, but it was the third that would mean much to her.
    With the third Soapy Festival arrived a man named An Beginoutrage. When Spepip first became acquainted with him, she kept her warmth and good sportsmanship. However, An proved to be gifted by the gods for his athleticism, and would win each competition, every year.
    It would turn to the Year 25, and disheartened by constant loss, Spepip would pray to Rafeb for her blessing. Afterwards, she saw victory in the games that year. In high spirits, she failed to pray the following year, and An once again took the championship. She made sure to pray again in the following year, and though she won again, Rafeb had grown disappointed in Spepip's gradual loss of devotion. As such, she would bless her disciple no longer.

    This would show, as Spepip continued to compete in The Soapy Festivals each year, and An continued to win the championship with few exceptions. Seeing her rival win each and every year, Spepip grew bitter and jealous.
    In the Year 38, following another loss, Spepip lashed out with resentment. She was growing older and weaker, while it seemed An had not. In her rage, she only wished that age would weaken her no longer. Then she began to blame Rafeb for turning her away, and in her tantrum had committed blasphemy within her Soapy Chapel.
    Rightly offended at this conduct, Rafeb had granted Spepip's wish in the form of a curse. She commanded Spepip's teeth to grow sharp, her skin to pale, and her throat to thirst for blood. Spepip became a creature of the night for her insolence.
    However, she would not allow this to discourage her from competing further.

    Spepip would continue participating in the games each year, with no one the wiser to her curse. However, she would continue losing to An. She saw him grow older as she stayed static, but he was nonetheless a prime athlete.
    She realized now, even in her state, she could never best him. The next best thing for her was to watch him wither away. She would relish to see the day that he grew too weak for sports. With each passing year, she continued to hope, and had all the time in the world to wait.
    But even in her immortal state, there were things to happen she would yet be blind to. It was now the Year 50, and An continued to live. Spepip remained patient for approaching festival, and for An's health to fail. However, unpredicted by anyone in Searedracks, the town was attacked by the loathsome Rufithi Bonefates; a wicked ogre known across the land as The Skull of Dusk. In his assault, he laid eyes on our Spepip the vampire, and took an intimate interest. He effortlessly kidnapped her, with guards and family helpless to stop him.
    This would be the last that anyone would see or hear from Spepip since.

    Many years passed, until the world cycled to its 121st year.
    One day in early spring, a dwarf by the name of Ingish Greatgem, had traveled the wilderness for a treasure hunt. He had heard rumors of Cavernskull, the lair of the wicked ogre Rufithi Bonefates, and grew curious to the riches that may await there. He awaited until Rufithi departed for his next hunt, and searched within the crude lair.
    To his surprise, a creature lunged forth from the darkness within, even more ugly and terrible than Rufithi. She appeared alike Rufithi, and yet was different; particularly with long, dagger-sharp fangs.
    Ingish had fortunately not come unprepared, and proved a match for the wicked ogre. He would rip her arm apart, and manage to escape from Cavernskull with his life.
    He returned to his hillock to recount the story. From the listening ears of dwarf, human, and elf, it is largely agreed to the identity of this new monster: Spepip Beardeddresses, the wicked ogre vampire.

    Some would gather from this tale that it is what she deserves, allowing her heart to blacken with envy, resentment, and bitterness. Her form now befits her nature, if not worse. But there is only one truth yet that all can take from this story: Now we know why we fear the night.