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The fall of fort firetouched

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Firetouched was a expedition sent by the Empire of the leafy furnaces on 14 of granite 718 to settle new lands lead by “yoan” whipentrance and his 6 closest friends.

The land they settled on was a great place, Full of minerals, a shallow river flowed through the plains, coming down from the northern hill and bringing fresh water full of fish to catch, there were many apple trees and berry bushes in the area, and a few small lakes near the river the 7 dwarfs took their gear and started digging near the river, that would be their home after going in 2-3 meters and hitting stone instead of soft dirt, they spread out, many started fishing, 4 were carving their home into the earth, and the rest were choping trees to craft beds and doors all went well, living off the apple trees and berry bushes kept all alive, and when a fisherdwarf caught something it was added to our increasing stockpile work went slowly however, having much to haul inside, and most of the time we were collecting fruit and gathering wood to sustain ourselves, no migrants were coming, the first caravan came at the end of spring, we didn't need anything so we didn't trade, not that we could give them more than stones and the many gems we found (which were common at the mountainhome too, so they weren't wanted) the land was rich but not in metals when the first migrants arrived there were 10 new people, all from The leafy furnaces, we rejoiced, we expanded our base, starting a true mine to find metals to forge our tools and weapons to protect this precious land, we had weapons from the mountain home,but they were mostly copper and iron, and we wanted steel the work was going better, we still needed more workforce, but we managed to make a living with what we had, the fruits of the local flora were more than in abundance.

Late summer more migrants came to our expanding home, 7 fresh and young dwarfs met our progressing fort,which had a entrance for caravans and walls around the main stairway down to the real base,work was as abundant as the Ale we brewed from all the fruits we had around us, in late autumn a caravan from the leafy furnaces arrived,we were in a warm place ,but we decided to play safe and stockpile for the winter,so we gave the little copper and silver we dug up along with all our gems for cheese,ale,beer,wine,some barrels for storage and vegetables and meat,we wanted more but the merchant got tired of our stone and dirt and decided to see us next year when we would have better goods to trade,when our bookkeeper counted out our supplies it turned out we had enough for 1-2 whole years.
We breached a cave, it seemed empty with some cobwebs and a muddy floor perfect for farming plump helmets(we had seeds) but our leader and Militia commander (we didn't have any soldiers nor training, but he liked to call himself that)decided that we had enough provisions for now, and we should build up some military before conquering the cave below us,so we blocked it up for now.
Winter came. The people decided to atleast build some defenses other than thin wooden doors, so infront the entrance to the walled off staircase (which had just a door) they started digging stair down to the base,our miners were going to later collapse these stairs to form a moat, and with the recently discovered drawbridge blueprints build a bridge to make our fort safe, but due to all the work going around and us lacking the manpower the project went slow,the stairs were done,but the collapse mechanism or the bridge weren't even started, it was a low priority project because the 24 citizens felt safe enough and deemed it unnecessary.

They were wrong. On the 1 of moonstone a Great forgotten beast entered our territory.
A Big Humanoid werelizard with large scales, extreme speed, thick hide, walking on its hind legs, bloodshot eyes and a taste for blood and flesh was onto our settlement, our Ranger was out hunting some wild geese when the menace appeared from behind the hill, terrified “m0hata”ran for his life, but the beast quickly closed the gap between them, everyone gathered inside, watching in horror as m0hata's last moments unveiled before them, he ran for the stairway, the Monstrosity was 20 meters from him, 18m, 15m he turned around with his copper crossbow in hand and shot a single silver bolt at the beast he missed and continued running 12 meters, he shot again, the beast dodged, m0hata was our best archer, he was skilled and had never missed a shot even under pressure, 8 meters, he was too far from the base, he wouldn't make it, everybody watched in horror as m0hata, one of the founding seven, the best archer in the settlement, father of a child, his wife died during the birth of his 9 year old son, and a friend of all.

Turned around to face the abomination he shot at it, the flying silver bolt strikes the werelizard in the upper right leg, tearing off a scale and bruising the skin its hide was too thick to pierce m0hata started reloading, but the beast leaped at him, it's mighty jaws snapping at mohata's left foot, and with its razor sharp teeth biting it off m0hata screamed out of pain, he was thin and short, the giant beast was twice his size,  the flying werelizard collides with m0hata, throwing him forwards m0hata slams into a tree he reaches for his hunting knife SNAP his left arm is locked in the beasts jaw he kicks and punches the beast in the lower body bruising the skin and damaging the intestines the werebeast tears off a chunk of m0hata's arm blood spurts everywhere m0hata grabs the beast's head and tries to gouge its eye out the beast shakes him off, grabbing his body with its claws, tearing his skin and cutting the muscles m0hata is unable to release the grip the beast tightens its hold on him, plunging its claws into his organs,  m0hata looks pale, he desperately tries to get out of the death grip but to no avail, he is unable to the beast bites his neck, separating the spine m0hata falls to the ground the people of fort firetouched don't know if he is still alive the beast might be strong, but its alone, and it is still the size of a large human  the people organize a atack force of 10 dwarfs none having any training or experience in combat, and weapons not being enough for 1 of them, they are weak, but we had strength in numbers the brave nameless dwarves(all were from the migrants)charge outside the walls of firetouched unorganized, some fall behind a hammerdwarf reaches the abomination first he swings at its head, but it dodges the atack a swing of its claw tears the dwarf's chest open and sends him backwards a copper bolt strikes the beast in the leg, breaking the thick scales and tearing the muscles another dwarf rushes the monster with its bare hands, kicking the arrow in its leg, pushing it deeper and opening a artery the beast gives out a horrible screech, it stabs its claw in the dwarf's stomach and tears his guts the beast bites the dwarf by the head the hammerdwarf (bleeding from the open chest)swings at the beast hitting it in the left arm, breaking the bones the beast shakes the dwarf by the head with its jaw, it tears of the head of the dwarf the beast swings its broken arm's claws at the hammerdwarf but the shot is blocked a axedwarf and a swords dwarf join the fight in total 7 had died in direct combat,  the beast incapacitated 2 rendering them unable to walk it sustained mortal damage but was able to climb the trees out of sight of our shooters it disappeared, either to attack later or to die somewhere the wounded were rushed inside,  we had no medical supplies nor any knowledge on what to do, we had a novice diagnoser but he was one of the incapacitated, the people of firetouched weren't close with the 6 that died, but grieved about m0hata, they didn't celebrate victory as the beast managed to escape, but didn't feel sad because they managed to repel such a threat,  the draw bridge was given high priority most people were busy crafting crutches and splints for the wounded and coffins and engraving slabs for the dead, they might have been nameless but their sacrifice was not in vain, in total 17 were alive, 2 of them incapable of walking and having lost 1 hand, the people didn't have any medical knowledge but were able to settle the joints and bones of the wounded and stop the bleeding, most wounds weren't stitched due to lack of supplies,  the peace didn't last again on 3th moonstone 719, just two days after the forgotten beast attacked firetouched, a new, larger threat was spotted on the northeastern hill 2 necromancers and an Giant army of undead goblins the caravan entrance was walled off and an alert was issued, the dead were slow, but couldn't be stopped however most dwarves were too far to retreat to the base, they didn't hear the alert it took the horde 1 day to advance to our base necromancers aren't strong, but they have undead minions with them, and even if you kill the zombies the necromancer raises them again, remove their arm or leg, and the limbs join the fight they are unstoppable unless the necromancer is killed these 2 had 52 undead, armored and armed goblins, but they were moving slow they didn't know we were here they raised all the dead animals we slaughtered for food, their army grew bigger our dead comrades weren't buried since the coffins weren't made we feared we might see them again, that their soul might not be freed we had resourses, but due to a water leak, only for 6-7 months as the rest spoiled and rotted in the flooded storage room we could hole up, but 3-4 dwarfs were still outside and seeing how prepared the necromancers are, we wont have enough resources to last the siege,  we had 2 options first-we could start a farm of plump helmets in the caves, that way we could live off them, sadly our farmers were killed during the previous attack so we may not be able to farm fast enough to sustain ourselves, we wont have any wood to use but the cave seemed safe and empty maybe mine steel and prepare to face the menace of the undead ghouls later on, but caravans sent to trade with us will be slaughtered and added to the undead horde, and also trigger war with other nations maybe attacking armies can take down the siege, but they may just join it we might not survive underground too long or when we are ready they might be too many for us to take on, but its a safe bet we will survive. Second-we may prepare our weapons, gather everyone able to walk and swing, sadly put to rest those who can't(the wounded and the child of m0hata)and rush at them, the necromancers don't know about us, and one of them has strayed really far from the horde of the undead the other is behind 2 meager ghouls we can take them down, and we have a big chance to take atleast 1 down but the dead will stay, and we cant take 50 of them at once, especially armored and armed as they are and we can just hope the reclaim party sent by the mountain home will be able to take down the plague and restore firetouched, or some brave and strong adventurer will eliminate the necromancers if we fail to do so the people of fort firetouched are pondering their fate,  and as we decide to either lock up our fort and let the unlucky ones die off outside or charge the menace head-on hoping to take as many down as possible meanwhile the horde is moving towards the unfortunate fishermen and our comrades may come back to turn against their friends the fate of Fort firetouched, and maybe others that come after us,  is decided at this very moment.

Our Doctor found Bite marks on the wounded soldiers, they were atacked by werebeasts they are infected and on the next new moon will turn, if we block up inside and try to live throught the siege, we will need to deal with the threat inside, we can't kill them, or else everyone will throw a tantrum, we can block them in their rooms, but then the screams and wailing will drive us insane, and the undead are restless, they wont give up, we can't last the siege it is decided now we shall prepare to face the undead army ere we fail to take the necromancers down, lets hope our bitten comrades turn and strike back, to weaken their force, or die trying, both ways the reclaim party sent to firetouched shall have it easier, or a brave legendary adventurer may lay the foul beasts to rest and let their souls free, they may be goblins, but none deserve this fate we draft our remaining population into a ramshackle militia,  two squads, one of the necromancers has strayed far from the group, he is our target
The Horn is Sounded and the gate opens 14 Brave Dwarfs armed with hammers, swords, spears, picks, axes and whatever else they found Charge at the nearby necromancer in a Yell-FOR FIRETOUCHED!
The undead legion turned to face firetouched's last stand the Heroes managed to inflict mortal wounds to Bora, the human necromancer, Zitha thebeposek Saw the unexpected counter-atack by our Dwarfs and fled with Bora off our lands, The Death menace shooting iron bolts at us, wounding many and befalling 2 before they could take anything down,  Our warriors knew their fate, and accepted it, one of the wounded(having a broken leg)managed to get up and arm himself with a copper pickaxe, and joined the Battle The small group of dwarves with shovels and picks charged at the Legion of death, which was armored with bronze and had actual weapons,  the dwarfs were under equiped and outnumbured 5 to 1 Turok, a skilled miner threw himself in a group of over 20 undead, with his Iron Warhammer Smashed the skull of 1 and embed its helmet into its shoulders, many striked at him, tearing him apart and piercing him with a pike, Turok continued to strike at them like he wasn't even glazed, but he couldn't hold, after getting rained with arrows he blacked out, only to bleed to death on the ground, he managed to Kill 4 armed zombies, a group of 6 charged at the Horde arrows brought death to Odin Thunderblood ending his Rampage against the Legion of death with 6 Kills using a Steel axe the Fight was harsh, many of the death fell to the hands of simple farmers and fishermen, never to return without the help of their masters, but their numbers were too large, after a total of 9 kills, they were killed off The Broken leg soldier(wounded during the atack of the Werebeast)Started Raging, the moon was out, and he Turned His clothes tore of him, massive muscles emerged A giant 2 meter tall Undead goblin faced him armed with a Steel Waraxe and Steel Armour Our Werebeast, Kortak Bearblood, lived up to his name, charging at the Huge zombie and throwing him into a tree, the ground shook, the Goblin Swings His axe at Kortak, and strikes him in the leg, Kortak is unfazed and Furiously Swings His massive claws at the Scourge, Putting a Large hole into its Chestplate and spilling the rotten organs Arrows fly, striking Kortak, 
No reaction
Kortak Continues to Anihilate The Single target
the Waraxe Sticks in Kortak's Chest, tearing apart his lungs and heart, With His last Strength He Slams Both his Mighty Arms at the Giant Goblin Crushing his helmet and Head into mush before he passed away covered in arrows in the battlefield “Yoan”Thundercall is alone near the river Surrounded by more than 20 of the Dead armed only with a pick And unending rage To avenge his fallen followers As in a Trance he Befalls 2 of them at once with a swing of his pickaxe, puncturing their helmets and heads alike arrows fill him but to no avail as his rampage goes on, another dead falls as its body is ripped in two with Inhumane strength
The Menace rushes at him many pikes and spears go Through Yoan's body as blood leaves him, With last strength he pulls on of the pikemen near and throws himself off the waterfall with his last victim's Throat in his hands the Defenders killed, All of the dead rush into Firetouched's halls, slaughtering a diplomat from the mountain and all the newborn kittens in the sleeping quarters,  but out of Arthas's room(the second wounded from the werebeast attack, having his spine separated, he is left to die in his room alone, )A small figure emerges Arthas's son, holding his father's sword in both his hands, this small Hero charges at the Horrors in the hall, and with one thrust manages to behead one of the attackers in deffence of his father but an axe is brought upon the child's head as a short scream and a crack echoes through the halls Firetouched has fallen, as Doors are kicked down and the river's waters run red the lively settlement has become a bloody ruin news reach the mountainhome King Uthal Dragonbane stands up and gestures at his steward

-What is it my lord?replies the short steward

-Send word to the Millitary captain, prepare the Army, we have a Fort to reclaim, the deaths of the brave Heroes

Was Not In Vain
(the dialogue was added to hint that a reclaim party was to drive away the Undead menace and Restore Firetouched's Glory, all the rest actually happened and was just spiced up by the author)