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The last sunse

03 October 2016, 13:28 Rating: 17 [+]

Sibrek Reincoal, a hammerdwarf looking for an adventure, had surprisingly made friends with an elf, Thilu Backtulips. The two of them started to travel together.
A few days later, while traveling to a bandit camp, they were ambushed by two alligators. Thilu was still a green adventurer and was no match for the powerful beasts. She lost her life to their jaws.
Sibrek, his vision obscured by tears, avenged her by destroying the alligators, dodging left and right, blocking their bites and bashing their skulls.
When the battle ended, he looked up to the sky. The sun was setting. There was no time, the boogeymen were coming. Using what he knew were his last moments, he hastily crafted an axe, using a small branch and a sharp rock. He then proceeded to fell a cherry tree and to build a casket, where he buried Thilu with the skull of Crackcleared, the accursed alligator.
Wiping the sweat from his brow, he finally heard them. They were coming, he had finished just in time.
If he had to go down, he would go down protecting that casket.