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Calledbegan: The Massacre of Hackley Heli

30 September 2016, 04:16 Rating: 8 [+]

Do you ever hear tales of foolish young lads wandering inside a vault, isolated by the wilderness, somewhere in the country? You know how they usually end: the adventurer stumbles inside "on accident", which awakens the horrific, murderous guardian angel waiting inside. It slaughters them without a second thought, and so ends another life of a stupid soul.
But here's the interesting part: those angels won't go anywhere to continue their rampage upon other adventurers, scholars, or treasure hunters. All they do is sit around, waiting for the next person to intrude the home they've been created to protect. They have superb fighting prowess, yet it reaches no further than the doors into the vaults. No innocent person would ever feel anxious going outside, for fear of an angel attack.

Well, for Ucedujan, that sort of cautionary behavior would be rather sensible nowadays. You can't expect anyone with an unmatched bloodlust to remain endlessly idling.

Every year between 1 and 124, the town of Ucedujan, or Calledbegan, was just another dot on the map. It was in rugged northern country, and everyone there made their living on agriculture whenever there was no snow on the ground. Being as the land and weather could be so unforgiving all year round, the citizens knew they needed to put their trust in each other in order to maintain prosperity.

It was the last week of Felsite, the spring season of 125 drawing to a close. Travelers would be coming more and more frequently until the end of autumn, when the harvest was over. Not that that would account for too much. The lady insisted the merchants to bring their produce outdoors immediately, even if the best they had were leftovers from last year. Any travelers might be intrigued enough to be willing to trade.

The sun rose high into midday, when screams echoed from nearby. Within moments, it was silenced.

The door from a meager wooden house opened slowly, and quietly. Out stepped a young, ironclad woman. The stinking, vile odor of death followed behind her bloodied armor and halberd. Inside the house, the image of the priest Uthal Innsvoice, limbs and organs hacked into pieces.

Most everyone eyeballing the strange woman expected her to be a thug from a nearby bandit camp, doing the bidding of an unsatisfied master. They expected to see her ride away on a horse, or however she got here. But she simply stood, silent.
Ases Moralstopped, one of the farmers, pulled out a carving knife, gritting his teeth.
"Who do you think you are!?" he shouted.
He marched over, stubborn to be the voice of resistance.
"Ya like killing innocent people, huh? Is that it?"

The woman quickly shifted the end of her halberd to her foot, and made a sharp pivot. The blade of her silver halberd swung unnaturally fast past Ases' face. Or, so it seemed.

Blood was pooling and spilling over the farmer's body from his neck. His head was nowhere to be seen. Being soaked with blood hadn't even made the woman so much as blink. Her black hair seemed completely unstained from the red mess.
She slowly turned her head to the closest person.

From there, I dare not to go into the details. All I will say is, by the time Calledbegan's militia had been alerted, their lady had been struck down with the same halberd that claimed one-hundred and ninety other innocent people.
The sheer murderous intent, the hunger for domination over the weak... it made our war veterans shudder.

The woman was assumed possessed. Two-thirds of the town's military rushed to battle, and managed to injure her leg, impairing her ability to stand.
You'd think that would bring her into submission, but no. Anyone who approached her, no matter how hard they fought, had been brutally hacked apart. A bad leg couldn't keep the monster down.

The hours passed, until the sun began setting behind the horizon. The few soldiers who survived were part of the last third who remained at their posts in front of the castle's armory. The sky grew darker as the sun had disappeared. They were anxious to learn of what became of the killer and their comrades.
Just before all visibility ceased, a quiet sound could be heard approaching.

Tck... sshhh... tck... sshhh... tck... sshhh...

A dark figure came into view, crawling across the dirt and stone with the aid of a halberd. The remaining soldiers prepared their weapons, ready for the fight of their lives. The crippled silhouette stopped in front of them, peering up from the mess of black hair in front of their eyes. All the men met its gaze, eager to see what kind of evil creature resided inside those eyes.

The woman's sullen eyes stared at them for a minute, before continuing on her way towards a door along the stone wall. It led to the castle's dungeons. She opened the door quietly, and hid herself away.
No one within the squad had stepped forward to stop her. One or two of them had actually dropped their weapons. After meeting her dark gaze, they lost all will to fight.

Inside the woman's eyes, there lied a black void. In this woman was no evil.
This woman's actions had left her hollow.

The few survivors of the woman's onslaught had titled her "Hackley Heli". She hasn't been seen since that day on Felsite, 125. No one, adventurer, scholar, or treasure hunter, dares to see what lies behind that dungeon door.