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The fort of Zimkelolin

05 November 2015, 03:41 Rating: 11 [+]

This is my first story here so I hope you like it. The story is about a fort that I'm running right now. I'll update this story as I play along!!! I hope you like it!

7 brave dwarves ventured into the mountains to make a glorious new outpost.
We arrived at the embark location. It didn't look like I expected. No damn hills! Only one little hill. Which is at the verry end of our embark. We'll have to dig straight down then!
We struck galena! We just hit the ground and found this rather useless ore. We'll turn it in some crafts later on to sell to some Merchants.
We have established the basics! We got kitchen (with still and butchery) up and running. The farm is doing great so far. We also have a basic meeting hall now and a dorm. But don't forget our awesome treasure room!
We started digging out the galena to turn into crafts. We set up a basic crafting area to make stone crafts and all kind of other things. It won't take long before the Merchants arrive. Better hurry and make some crafts!
The Merchants are here. I'll try to sell some crafts we could finish aswell as some food and drinks.
The Merchants didn't have anything really usefull for us. I just took the golden bar a pick and some other stuff.
We have way to many food and drinks. Every dwarf is bussy getting the galena to the stock pile. We'll have a lot of lead and lead crafts being made. The next caravan better be a big one!
Everything is running fine. I'll have to think about a miltary sooner or later. We also need more gold way more gold or the secret project wont be able to be build!
The fort is exists of 16 dwarves right now.
I'm going to take a rest. All that hauling made me tired.

So that was my first post. I'll update as soon as I'm able to play a bit more.