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A DF News Story

12 October 2014, 05:27 Rating: 15 [+]

"In the Fortress News today, bad luck and bad timing claimed the lives of two citizens of the fort.

Having been alarmed to an incoming goblin siege, the fortress denizens were told to report to their designated 'lever pulling stations' to raise the access drawbridges. At that moment, one of the semi-wild emus that had been caught that season and were being bred for eggs reverted to a wild state and started running about in a panic, knocking dwarves over and generally disrupting many jobs, including those of the lever-pullers. The military was not prepared in time to save the two
citizens whose names are currently being withheld, pending an investigation.

The nobility is calling the incident an embarrassment and have ordered the stray emu chained and executed for willful sedition, sabotage, and accessory to dwarfslaughter."