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Animal people are people to

30 January 2014, 19:43 Rating: 34 [+]

     Just to start, this is not a vanilla DF story. I slightly modded my game in the creature raw files so more creatures can be tamed/domesticated. So on with the story. I embarked on a river in a forest in the untamed wilds. And swiftly dug down and made a farm and pasture for my animals hopeing that the cobra people won't bother them or my dwarves. After a while I discovered that I liked to capture various creatures and use them for defense but still have a backup military incase s*** hits the fan. After a while as my fortress grew into a county, a Minotaur came and swiftly got caught in one of my many cage traps. And brought deep down into the animal room. And immediately trained and left to wander the fortress. After a while he seemed to get along well with my troglodyte family that had already been a member the fort for many years. Still he seemed lonely even with the conversations with the other human and dwarven traders he still seemed to not converse that much. However after a few years luck would have it another Minotaur arrived but, this one was female who was swiftly captured as things normally go in the guild of tiredness. She was immediately introduced to the colony and coincidently was trained by the same trainer that trained the previous Minotaur. The Minotaurs hit it off very well and had a daughter after a while who was the first tamed Minotaur of the fort. Shortly after the birth the female Minotaur and male got along so well that they got married. Ever since then they have been inseparable slaughtering hoards of goblins while the dwarves are taking care of their daughter with more to come. Now if only I could make them work, craft, and haul. Meanwhile deep down in the breeding pits other creatures are being domesticated hydras, rocs, and maybe one day dragons.Those goblins had better fear the debts because the dwarves control it.