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The Fall of Deathhomes

17 January 2014, 00:51 Rating: 15 [+]

It started with seven dwarves, The Conquerors of Terror, who came to a terrifying marshland, and founded Deathhomes in the spring of 112. First began the taming of the area, the building of a covered entrance, of a covered trade depot, and the building of a covered pen/pasture for our animals. Things went swimmingly at first, albeit the constant raining of frost giant ice-cold water put a small damper on our spirits, we built a road to facilitate incoming trade. By the first winter, we numbered in the thirties and began to delve into the earth for more metals.

Within two years, we had a full, self-sustaining fortress. We had industry, our magma smelter was going constantly, began to create earthenware, full crops, larders overflowing. We were going to start creating large amounts of armor and weapons, but we were lax in this. We hadn’t had a siege since we founded, and word from the Mountainhomes suggested that the goblins were embroiled in their own wars, leaving us safe from outside sieges.

We breached the first cavern in early Malachite of 114, and found the second cavern later the same month. Things were simple at the start, a few Myconid gave us problems, and their boiling spores suffocated about eight of us. In Moonstone of 114, The Tiaga Titan Ukla Ukurumnaspe, a copper-skinned monstrosity, found us but was quickly dispatched by our militia, the Defended Scorpions having lopped off its head with the first (and unfortunately only) adamantine sword forged here.

We walled off the outer edges of the caverns, the areas leading to unknown places, to make the caverns safer for our people, to farm the webs that are there, and to create massive tree farms (caused from cave spores). There was also the appearance of the Necromancer Saboteur La Yetaq Devvel Lelghayaghewaha, she raised corpses from our bone pile and she was also quickly dispatched.

We had some growing troubles from the caverns, more Myconids and a few Bat-people coming up to steal and kill, and the appearance of two forgotten beasts, one of which, Jendel, was quickly dispatched. Afterwards, it was decided that we would wall the caverns off for the time being, to create appropriate squads to ensure the safety of our people.

After about half a year, it was then decided that the caverns would be opened up again, after traps were laid in the paths leading up to the fortress. Traps were laid, and the first cavern wall was removed, and then the second. Our people were racing to get the rare silk webs in the second cavern, and this is where disaster began.
Immediately after killing Jendel, it was discovered in the second cavern that our perimeters were not complete. Driders, wicked humanoid creatures with the lower bodies of spiders, came from the black depths. Between the 6th and 7th of Obsidian, Year of 114, they slaughtered almost everyone. One hundred and eleven dwarves, gone in two days.

It was the mayor, he demanded the spelunking of the second cavern. This is all his fault. All of it.

There is only two of us left, and we are broken in body and spirit.

The Driders, there are three or four still running around down there, and five caught in our cage traps. There is no one left to defend this place. Maybe one of will make it until summer, when hopefully some migrants arrive, but it seems doubtful...

Adil Sinsotrith
Acting Mayor
16th Slate
Year of 115