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Flifithribus, Eater of Trolls

02 May 2013, 22:54 Rating: 13 [+]

Going through legends mode on a newly generated medium history world, I discovered that a Goblin by the name of Anu Nastydoom had played quite a role in the early years of Thadar En. One of the first of his kind, he began as a metalworker but rose to the position of general. He saw his people through three major wars, all of which they won, and even descended into the depths of the earth to tame the Giant Rats that lived there as allies.

Whatever became of the great Nastydoom, progenitor of clever Goblindom? He became but a footnote in a greater, bloodier legend: the tale of Flifithribus Cloutedsoldier the Routed Pearl of Mobbing, perhaps the deadliest Kobold any world has ever known.

Born into a small but thriving Kobold camp, the first of his parents' many children, Flifithribus had hardly been outside the womb when he was savagely attacked. The cursed Dwarf Ungiz Seizurekeys fell upon the infant in an instant, smashing his left arm and plucking out his right eye. And then he bit the child, passing on the curse of the Bull Monster.

Somehow Flifithribus survived, and at the age of only a year he fled the camp as the curse took hold of him. Though he was small, he had gained the power of the Bull Monster, and his strength and ferocity were terrible indeed. That very year he ripped apart and devoured his first victim, a Dwarf like the one who had so changed him. Many would follow.

Mighty beyond the wildest imaginings of his fellow Kobolds, Flifithribus went on to engage in a 139 year reign of murderous, bloody terror. He killed and ate well over a hundred notable Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Goblins, and Kobolds, the storied Nastydoom among them. Those he did not kill barely escaped, infected with the curse, and ultimately started rampages of their own.

Flifithribus seems to have had a great taste for the flesh of Trolls in particular, for over the course of his long rampage he devoured sixty-one of them, more than any other type of creature. And though he would meet his end at the hands of a mighty but less-storied Dwarf, his curse would survive him. Those he infected, and those they infected in turn, ravage the world still.

He outlived his parents, his seventh brother (who was also infected and went on a rampage that was nearly as successful), and several civilizations that he almost single-handedly destroyed, and even in death he is not forgotten. So when you mock the feeble Kobold, remember well the terrifying tale of Flifithribus the Troll Eater. Now you know why you will fear the night.