Dwarf Fortress Stories

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Rise and fall of the 2nd Fortress

23 April 2013, 21:11 Rating: 10 [+]

With an enormous effort, achieved a two level fortress.
A working farm, four fully operative workshops, a decent dining hall, several bedroom for common dwarf and a luxurious apartment for my one and only noble.

Everything works fine 'til the underground cistern of fresh water.

Flood. Flood everywhere.
Entire second floor is doomed.
Every dwarf escape to an under construction wing on the first floor.
No casualties. Luckily.

Suddendly, water erupts from the stairway.
Immediately, dwarves erect a containment wall using the rocks scattered around.
Two of them remain on the wrong side of the wall. And drown.
They are both miners.

The survivors are sealed in an underground corridor.
No food.
No water.
No picks.

Two dwarves was on the surface during the flood: a farmer, and a child.

With no picks.

The survivors die one by one from starvation and dehidration.
One of them survives a bit longer, presumably eating the corpses of the falling comrades.
He eventually gets insane, and eventually die.

After a while, the farmer and the child start fighting.
They injure themselves so badly that both are unable to walk.

They die from blood loss and dehidration on a plump helmets field.

*sorry for my bad english. it's obviously not my first language*