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Child vs. goblin

20 February 2013, 11:22 Rating: 14 [+]

In one of my many fun fortresses I had a child dwarf wandering outside helping hunt (or atleast i think he was). Suddenly a goblin thief appears and begins to run. The thief is caught by 2 war dogs who managed to tear a ligament in the thief's leg. The thief spins around and stabs the first dog in the skull killing it instantly. The second dog is heavily wounded and suffocating by the next attack.

This is where it gets good. The child goes into a bloody rage. He grabs the goblin by the back 4th tooth (very specifically) and slams the goblin to the ground. The child proceeds to pummel the crap out of the goblin while still holding this tooth. He even goes to the point that he bites off 3 of the goblin's toes. After a very very severe beating from this child, the is relieve by my military (who were on the otherside of the map). They swifly beheaded the goblin.

When this kid came of age he became a militia commander, who was given a tomb worthy of a king. Emerald encrusted platinum sarocophogas surrounded by masterpeices statiues.
Though I can't honestly remember what he died to.