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12 July 2012, 05:37 Rating: 2 [+]

Inklocked went out in a blaze of glory. Literally.

The elves were no trouble. Recruits could kick their asses easily. My army was almost entirely elites in their respective weapons thanks to the undead weasel that wouldn't loving die. Best target practice. I was able to ignore the giant rhino forgotten beast because it seemed content to chase around a lost cat.

Not even goblins could stop them, and I was only in my third year. That one little husk of a weasel proved to be my downfall, for it filled me with a false sense of security.

First, the goblins attacked. Then, a forgotten beast appeared. Then, not a minute after, the undead came.

I decided that the forgotten beast was the most dangerous, since it could break down the locked doors that kept the others out. I guess goblins and undead are too polite to bust down doors?

The beast was a blob, aka "really loving easy to kill." It was!

Except it was filled with dust. Poisonous dust. It sent my entire military flying, and those who weren't killed by the impact soon died of suffocation. Those who got near to rescue them also met a similar fate.

That's when the other forgotten beast came to shore, shooting fire every which way. While the remainder of my military tried to stop it, I set up a trap for the undead that would drop them into an aquifer pit, where they would aid me in taking care of the goblin prisoners.

I activated a reserve squad to take lure them down the corridor. The squad took this opportunity to throw off all their socks and shits, jamming up all the doorways.

The goblins just waltzed right in. I decided to send my military after the goblins, in the hopes that the beast would kill them for me.

It didn't, the beast just lit my military on fire and I had to send my legendary miner expedition leader to seal the path to the underground. I saw him charge at the rhino beast and when the smoke cleared, neither was apparently there, only piles of ashes. I wondered if what I was seeing could possibly be true.

Nope. Out of the water Rhinozilla emerged, and he went back to chasing the many kittens that now roamed the underground.

Unfortunately, I trapped enough undead in the water that the siege wouldn't end unless I sent my now dead military to kill them. That, and the necromancer was found by my guard dogs.

I just gave up at that point. The only living dwarves was a legless survivor of the snailblob and her baby. And those loving traders I mentioned in an earlier post? They left with the caravan, so they weren't just standing around being retards the entire time.

Of course, the new mountain home isn't completely screwed. I also sort of role played the fort, and made it primarily an industrial fort. I had managed to ship out tons of booze and weapons and armor in the last caravan.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm really glad Toady is fixing the clothing code, because goddammit.

Went to reclaim it, and I was ambushed by a berserk miner, then I was ambushed by the rhinobeast. The rhinobeast lit the miner on fire and the miner knocked his brains out with his pick. They both died.