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I'm ash zombie

02 July 2012, 11:29 Rating: 12 [+]

I'm playing DF with eleves, dwarves and goblins having cities. So I generate a new world with lots of evil and start an adventurer.

For some reason despite being human I start in a goblin hamlet in the middle of some haunted hills. The goblins take a immediate dislike to my human adventurer and a fight breaks out between me and the goblin townsfolk. I'm doing pretty well since most of the goblins are farmers but in the middle of the melee a ash cloud rolls in engulfing a goblin and transforming him into a Haunting Ash zombie. At this point I figure I'm pretty much screwed, most of the undead formed from clouds are insanely tough, so I run... straight into another ash cloud.

But here's the thing, my adventure doesn't die, HE turns into an Ash zombie too. I turn back and kill the goblin Ash zombie and despite getting my brain broken keep adventuring.

I'm apparently pretty much invincible at this point, between my ash zombie status and some mixed copper and iron armor I can kill just about anything. I've gotten swords to the lung, arteries severed and all my fat melted off from a evil rain, and I'm still going. On the minus side everybody hates me and attacks on sight (except vampires and necromancers they just tell you to go away) also my speeds dropped substantially I'm only at 816 despite being super-humanly agile. Unfortunately I also can't retire anymore since everybody hates me, so starvation is my only retirement option at this point.