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Urist McMiner

02 July 2012, 08:10 Rating: 5 [+]

I had a legendary miner, who hollowed out the whole fort by himself, he got caught in a cave-in. Ended up with a lot of broken bones,but with no nerve damage and no infection,so he was likely to make a recovery. There were two doctors just for him,constantly sewing him up,bandaging him like a mummy,everything modern dwarf medicine has to offer.
Then a new miner arrives with a bunch of migrants, and he's already a high master,so I immediately start setting up mining again. By this time the doctors had already finished with the old miner and he starts telling me he's too injured to mine. So I deselect his mining job and go see how the mining's going. I minute later I get a message he's been found dead. He snuck into his room and died in his bed.
I'm sorry Urist McMiner.