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Undead army and deity

29 June 2012, 13:05 Rating: 8 [+]

I started a human adventurer and for some reason everyone was being a total dick in this newly genned world. Nobody would give me the time of day let alone quests. I eventually found a abandoned human fortress where a gray demon deity had apparently been writing books frantically and scattering them everywhere. He was also a jerk to me, so I just stole a bunch of books and read them.

Upon reading one, I was granted to ability to raise the dead and my title became "necromancer". Wandering to a tomb, I rose the many many skeletons inside and formed a zombie army, as well as learned that if you're a necromancer undead of all forms ignore you, even mummies. They will still emerge from their coffin and chase you, but they won't actually attack you anymore. Zombified wildlife will also ignore you. I also learned that you become sort of undead yourself, no longer needing to eat, sleep or drink.

Taking my army of the undead back to town, they automatically began tearing apart the populace, which I rose as more zombies. Soon the entire hamlet was swarming with the undead and I led my army to the next town. It was amazing, they would cut through the undead but there were just so many. Lets not forget every time they died or even lost a limb it was another minion for me. I have to say my favorite kill was a poor administrator who had his throat bitten out by a animated alpaca head.

Now with two towns worth of undead soldiers, I stormed the fort from before to see if I could kill a deity. It was near impossible for me on the undead to hit him, but they bit chunks off of him and he even lost a hand before blasting us with explosive fireballs that melted me and my army pretty fast.

In short, attempting to kill a god is a bad idea.