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Dwarf Fortress awesomeness

27 June 2012, 09:10 Rating: 3 [+]

Another example of Dwarf Fortress awesomeness. As you can see armor protects against a pike like it should and would in reality. This injury would have required a crutch (which are oddly hard to find in adventure mode) if it penetrated or I didn't have armor there.

Pikes used to be made of wood, or if they weren't they were terrible to use in close combat because of the lack of momentum, due to them being a defensive weapon meant to be used at charging enemies and such. So it makes sense that they're worthless when you have an angry flail wielding dwarf in your face.

And immediately after this I was hit in the head by a whip so hard that my skull caved into my brain, killing me. Get some, lose some. Such is Dwarf Fortress.