Dwarf Fortress Stories

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In the year 1051, the dwarven fortress known as "AncientCats" was established by the order of dwarves known as "The Fondled Rack", no seriously, that's their name! Things went well from the very beginning and there was much prosperity for all. Masterful crafts made from the finest rocks and bones fueled the young fortress's growing economy, though in the early years the trade broker was rather aggressive and many traders left in anger. But with time comes experience.
The Fondled Rack survived many sieges by the local goblins and the captives were used to build a strong army of three squads. Little did they realize it wasn't the goblins they should be fearing.
One day while two squads were busily hacking up some left over carrion crawlers, something terrible happened. Turns out one of the monsters was a pet and belonged to one of the soldiers. During the battle he saw one of his teammates attack his pet. In a fearsome rage he attacked the other dwarf.
The other dwarf fought back and so did his friends. Within minutes the two squads were ignoring their targets and focused on each other. As they attacked each other, the monsters were free to clean house. In desperation the third squad arrived to help out but on arrival, split up, chose sides and joined in the mayhem. While they were distracted the carrion crawler escaped into the main fortress and began tearing dwarves limb from limb.
By now the whole fortress had chosen sides and an all out civil war had erupted. Dwarf slew dwarf and even the dogs of war got involved. One dwarf in particular fell to the ground unable to walk anymore. A war dog jumped on her and began attacking. It devoured her for days. In the end she "doesn't really care much about anything anymore" and simply let the beast gnaw on her until she bled out.
In the midst of all of the chaos, the fortress had two guests arrive. One was a great forgotten beast made of gaseous materials and spewing poison. It came from below, deep within the caverns. The other was the Vampire King of the dwarven nation. AncientCats had become a full fledged mountainhome.
The forgotten beast rampaged the lower levels of the fortress and killed anything that dared to go near it. But in the end, one brave macedwarf managed to kill him. The king chose his side in the war and joined in the fun. He wandered the halls killing dwarves with ease.
It's been a few weeks now since the war began and a ceasefire seems to have been established. About 80 dwarves out of 134 lost their lives. Sadly for the survivors the trauma was just to much. Many dwarves simply lost hope and became melancholy while others went completely insane. Waves of tantrums continue to sweep through the fortress but only time will tell if AncientCats of The Fondled Rack will regain its former glory.