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27 June 2012, 08:02 Rating: 3 [+]

It never fails, 10 minutes before passing out last night, an invasion force arrived at the fortress. Not even a small one, about 100 attackers made up of trolls and goblins. They snuck us good too, took out just about every dwarf outside the main wall. The main drawbridge has been raised and I was forcing them through a cage trap tunnel but the trolls broke the hatch on that entrance so there's really no stopping them now. I managed to trap all the trolls so now it's just goblins. I'm hoping as they slowly work their way down the hallway I'll be able to pick off the ones who don't get trapped in cages. So far so good, I actually saw one brave dwarf carrying her child in one arm and shooting her crossbow with the other, and she was actually kickin ass, but there's a lot of goblins so it may not go well. This may be the end of the Fortress of Chaos, that is unless the vampire is released...