Dwarf Fortress Stories

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Two dwarves, two friends.

26 June 2012, 19:47 Rating: 3 [+]

I had a fort saved by what can only be described as the dark knight from monty python ("It's only a flesh wound!"). You see, I was carving out a hall deep underground, when all of a sudden my digging was interrupted when I stumbled across an underground river. As these things tend to be, it was full of all sorts of nasty creatures who promptly swarmed out. They killed all but 2, who managed to seal off that area by building walls. Of those 2, one was generally in good health, while the other had lost both arms and a leg. He somehow managed to not bleed out and make it to a bed, where he promptly went unconscious due to his injuries. The dwarf who was in decent heath meanwhile became extremely depressed due to watching nearly all his friends being ripped apart by the creatures from the river. This lead him to commit suicide, leaving only the single, unconscious dwarf lying in his bed without arms and only 1 leg. That dwarf managed to survive for an entire year all by himself, unconscious the entire time, with no food or drink until a wave of migrants came and took over management of the fort. He eventually succumbed to his wounds about half a year later, although the parts of his limbs not completely severed had almost healed. By lasting longer than I had ever seen a lone unconscious dwarf last before, he singlehandedly saved an entire fortress from its otherwise certain demise. He was buried with honor in a room carved specifically as his tomb, surrounded by statues and objects of wealth fit for a king.