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Batman and Catwoman

26 June 2012, 12:25 Rating: 1 [+]

OH this is FUN! Sitting down?
Two especially strong romantically involved immigrants, whom I dubbed Batman and Catwoman, became two of my finest warriors... along with a couple of their children (they ended up having a very large family). So we survived a horrible archer siege but lost one of the kids. This sent one of their many siblings on a rampage deep within the town of "Pointedinks" (I wish I could make this up!) and they murdered a sibling of another family I was not following so closely.
ANYWAY, that family was apparently just as large and also members of another squad! This spawned a hilarious rash of murders which has escalated to... 4 convictions and a number of cold-cases.
That didn't stop Batman! True to his name he began punching EVERYONE in the face until he went full insane and in a state of melancholy...
Currently a full 15 dwarves are insane from the murder-times, which means I will have to begin construction on Arkham immediately if I'm to stem the tides of MAAAAAAADNEEEESSSSSSSS!