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Dismal prophecy

26 June 2012, 12:20 Rating: 5 [+]

Playing earlier today, one of my Jewelers entered in a "Inspiration" mood, and started demanding some crystals. I gave him what he wanted, and he got into his workshop, for a long time, no sleeping or eating, and came out with a necklace. He slowly walked the corridors and got to the warehouse, stored the necklace there, and dropped dead (By hunger, i guess...).

When i went to see the description, it had the encarving of a gigantic worm-like creature killing a dwarf. I got a little concerned, but kept on with my business.

Later, in that same year, my 4 miners were working their way to find a magma pool. They found a underground cave, quite large, and started walking in it. At the end of the cave, a Forgotten Beast waited. It was a Gigant Worm creature with poison dripping from his mouth, and his ribs were outside of his body. It killed my miners, and went on with the rampage in the fort. The militia were brutally killed, in front of children and woman. The horror. In the middle of the FUN, i managed to save 1 kid, 1 miner and 1 stonemanson. Locked them in a room that used to be a dinning room, and build a wall in front if the door. The beast calmed down after the slaughter. Everything was quiet. But i knew they can't stand a chance against it if they leave that room. The kid starved first. The two dwarfs became sad, and realized that their destiny was to die there. I asked for the stonemason to crave something on a wall. He carved the same image on the necklace, followed by a image of two dwarfs alone in a room. They were dead.

From that moment, i realized. That brave Jeweler predicted the fall of his beloved fortress. And i didn't listen to his last words.

GOD, I love this game.