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Piece of fun

26 June 2012, 09:06 Rating: 2 [+]

I was rocking along with a fairly successful fortress in a untamed wilds tropical forest, the most advanced I've ever achieved. One hundred a fifty dwarfs (about a third of them kids), indoor plumbing, huge stocks of supplies, a ring of traps to catch snatchers - not a lot of metal equipment or serious defenses but my twenty or so militia had been able to handle everything up to light goblin sieges and wandering minotaur without breaking a sweat up to this point.

This point is when one hundred and twenty walking dead under the command of five necromancers (mixed races - nice to see them breaking traditional boundaries) arrive over the hill. I believe it was one hundred and twenty, it was hard to tell once the goblin army showed up too. And what with all my butchered goose bones rising from the refuse pit to join in, exact counts became difficult.

The Battle Royale was depressing for Dwarfdom. The beards were tough and well trained, but each one was individually dragged away from the squad and steadily torn to pieces by The Dead. Some of them took weeks to die. At least half the goblin force, along with their commander, charged in hell for leather and got themselves massacred pretty handily. The remaining troop of goblin reserves and archers was surrounded on three sides and facing overwhelming numbers of zombies. Their commander dead, the next in line must have been goblin Lieutenant John Chard of the Evil Royal Engineers, because he formed his remaining squads up against the riverbank and volley fired into the onrushing undead, dispersing them long enough to evacuate his remaining troops in good order (and, I think, killing the necromancers; they weren't on the units screen by the end). I hope his gallantry was appropriately recognized.

Meanwhile the bearded civilians were all horribly murdered. When I abandoned the only people left alive were forty or so kids (who would outrun the undead until they starved to death) and my vampire gemcutter who had just escaped execution on a technicality a few weeks earlier. He was merrily dragging corpses to the refuse pit, ignored by the other, livelier corpses feasting on the kids.

What a day. To think of all that work and organization to come to nothing. Now I've got to do it all over again!