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Killed by own hand (made by Tim Denee)

21 June 2012, 07:18 Rating: 23 [+]

Original story:
Spent months training up axeman, armor user, wrestling, misc object, shield, and dodging. Went to Necromancer's tower on assignment from the lawmaker of the capitol, duty bound to kill the foul sorcerer and free the kingdom from his power. His walking dead fell nameless before by axe, and I threw all their pieces far away to prevent them reentering the fight. At last I came upon to evil mage, and the battle began. He wielded an iron longsword, and soon with a lucky blow my right arm sailed off in an arc! With my axe-hand lost, I threw my shield and broke his sword-hand, causing him to drop the sword. Then I grabbed by severed right arm and struck him repeatedly with it, breaking all his limbs and shattering his ribs, before finally smashing his skull. After this victory, I dropped my severed arm to retrieve my axe. The arm then promptly reanimated and strangled me to death.

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