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Silent Hill Fortress

21 June 2012, 06:51 Rating: 16 [+]

I tried starting a fort in a Sinister swamp the other night. There were some zombie echidnas or some stupid creatures there, but nothing much else. "Great, — I thought. — a relatively safe start should give me enough time to establish a fort capable of holding its own in this scary bog."

Then an evil cloud showed up. It hung out on the edge of the map for a second, then dissipated. False alarm! I went back to working on my defenses wait a minute where's my miner.

One of my miners was gone. No corpse, no corresponding ex-dwarf monster. Just vanished from existence, and listed under Missing with no explanation I even checked the unit list, but nothing was threatening my fort except for a couple of little undead rodents, neither of which seemed to have been involved in combat.

Okay, well, I could work around this. My remaining miner went back to digging out the entryway, and I went to check up on that sinister cloud, which had returned but was just sort of drifting around far away from any of my dwarves. I went back to check on the construction and what the fuck where's the miner? Poof. Another disappearance, this one seemingly right under the noses of the others. No unhappy thoughts, no reported crimes, no interruption messages.

The disappearances came rapidly after that. I tried to riddle out the cause but I just could not make sense of it. It was like some insane Silent Hill meets Alan Wake — I'd take my attention off of a dwarf for less than a minute, and he'd stroll right into Who Knows Where with nary a word goodbye. I ended up sitting at the "your fort has withered to its end" screen with the biggest expression ever, which of course led my wife to ask what had happened.

I still don't know the answer