Dwarf Fortress Stories

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The last record

19 June 2012, 11:53 Rating: 4 [+]

This will be the last record of what happened at this camp. The men who fought so bravely and endured so much must be remembered. At first the fort was thriving. Then we dug too deep. The magma was abandoned along with many dwarves. Just after this slaughter siege came and our grief was great. Many went insane, but still our fort clung on. We began to rebuild, we thought we were safe. We were wrong. A second siege came, so much stronger than the first. Hordes of goblins and trolls. Our population was halved in minutes. Everyone, save I (reserved for medical duty) was drafted to try and fend off the horde. By this time we had only 20 of our people left. Still our army fell like flies, there were three of note. Datan the swordsdwarf was first to the fray. A militiaman he was used to battle. He drew his sword and began his work. Mount and goblin and troll he slew. More piled onto him, 7 he killed without taking a hit. He stood in the barracks, panting, leaning on his sword. Suddenly he was struck. A goblin pierced his iron boots and smashed his foot. Still Datan fought. Into the corridor he charged, roaring hacking left and right. But he was slowed. His parries failed. over and over again they came at him and their numbers outdid his strength. He fell. Then came Urist the miner. When the siege came he took his bronze pick and charged. He did not even take time to don armor. Naked he killed a troll, smashing his pick through it's foot then bringing it through the skull. Alas, as he tried to remove it another troll ran into him toppling him. He was ripped apart. Finally, I tell of the mayor who lies with me now. When the goblins breached the perimeter he was running to the armory, but they reached him first, 7 goblins and 4 trolls attacked him but with fists and teeth he escaped them. We are now both resting in the hospital (I took a few scratches myself). The door will not hold long, we will not survive, but I hope I face death as bravely as those others did.