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Raging metalsmith

19 June 2012, 10:03 Rating: 1 [+]

Got a fortress going pretty good, about 150 dwarfs most packed into 3 square very tight slums. City is pretty much auto managing.
Оne random metalsmith dwarf gets the idea to make something, locks himself in a workshop, gets everything he needs except a fish, whatever the fuck he was making I'll never know. Nearest water source is an underground cave currently containing 4 ignored forgotten beasts.
"Fuck it, he will get over it".
Throws tantrum. Goes berserk while walking through slums. See it coming, 7 iron armed and armored spear dwarfs on the way. They single file line into him and he proceeds to, with his bare hands, kill every last armed, armored, and trained spear dwarf one by one. Cause of death on most of them is from being ripped in half at the waist and blood loss from ripped off limbs. Proceeds to rampage through the slums killing babies, woman, kittens, and anything unfortunate enough to be there. Shiny stuff all over the floor dwarfs flock to pick it up. He rips all those dwarfs in half quickly get 3 groups of 10 dwarfs as wrestlers, try to mosh pit him. Bites ones ear off, rips the ones arm off and throws it at another, cracking his skull. RIPs about 4 more in half before dieing of blood lose. 7 armed dwarfs , 11 wrestlers, 21 random civilians, 4 babies all dead. countless kittens slain. Slums are a living hell, body parts and blood cover every tile, some dwarfs torso found over 10 tiles away from legs. Grief induced mass tantrums take over. Everyone starts killing each other. By the time everyone is done killing each other I have 3 dwarfs left in a fortress filled with massive amounts of miasma and blood on every floor tile. 3 dwarfs are 1 baby, a fish cleaning woman, and a profession less peasant.

Abandon fortress.