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Two best friends

18 June 2012, 20:51 Rating: 14 [+]

I had two dwarves who were like best friends. These guys were the only two surviving members of the original seven (I'd had some trouble with the locals) and in a fort of like 50 dudes were some of my best dwarves. One of them made an artifact cabinet out of marble and carried it everywhere with him.

A goblin siege happened, and I ordered all my dwarves to get inside as I had a pretty good defensive setup in there. Unfortunately, my legendary mason was slowed by his cabinet, and he didn't make it all the way to the fort before the goblins caught him and killed him.

His friend went fucking berserk. The guy ran outside with no weapons or armor, grabbed a goblin, then threw him into a murky pool and held him underwater until he drowned. He charged the next closest goblin and punched him to death, ignoring the hail of crossbow bolts that came down on him. He choked a third and a fourth goblin, taking only light wounds in the process, and shortly after scared the rest into retreating. He chased them and caught a straggler, marking his fifth kill.

Afterwards, he went back inside and went to bed, fairly depressed over losing a friend. Then he hit a fey mood and went into the craftsdwarf's workshop. He came out with a crown, and upon the crown was an image of a dwarf raising a cabinet — a final homage to his late best friend.