Dwarf Fortress Stories

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Thorig Ashcun and his faithful dogs

18 June 2012, 19:17 Rating: 9 [+]

Thorig Ashcun was a young hunter eager to prove his worth to the fortress and bring home a meal. Armed with his crossbow and his two trusty hunting dogs he traveled into the wilderness. Young Thorig forgot to bring his bolts. He was attacked a wolf by bashing it with his crossbow. Needless to say that did not go well and his left eye was gouged out and his right leg was hurt. His hunting dogs managed to save him. He was carried to his bed were he lapsed into a coma for a whole year. His dogs never left his side. When Thorig finally awoke, he picked up his crossbow (and bolts) and decided to go hunt. He chased a wolf across the map and when he finally cornered the wolf, it turned on him and mauled him. His two hunting dogs managed to save his life. Yet again he went into a come for 4 years. His dogs never left his side. When Thorig came back I stuck him to fishing duty to prevent any more accidents. Thorig occasionally fainted randomly ( I don't know why). One day when he was fishing a goblin siege came. Thorig fainted. His hunting dogs protected him from a squad of goblins long enough for Thorig to awake and flee into the fortress. This was the last time the dogs could save Thorig. They were both slaughtered by the goblin horde. Thorig never left the fortress again.