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Amost Fathtoral

18 June 2012, 19:05 Rating: 6 [+]

I was sieged by several squads of goblins including some marksgoblins. But because I had so many champions I figured it would be no problem so I sent my guys out. Only too late did I realize that everyone except for axelord Amost Fathtoral were sleeping or partying.
So Amost Fathtoral did the only logical thing, he went out to face the hordes alone. As he approaches the horde both his lungs are immediately pierced by a crossbow bolt. But this doesn't stop him, he charges their ranks and cuts down goblins by the dozen. He even gets promoted to champion status during the bloodshed.
By the time the rest of my army find time in their busy schedule of partying and sleeping to do their job most of the goblins are already on the run. My army helps mop up the remaining gobbos and by the time the last goblin leaves the map.
*Amost Fathtoral has suffocated*.
Not blood loss from the all the wounds he got, not fatigue from killing so many goblins. No in the end it was because he ran out of breath and had no lungs to breath with that killed him.
In one single breath Amost had slain several dozen goblins, got promoted to champion and seen the last goblin chased of the map.

Here he lies resting in the great hall of memories, where history of the entire fort is engraved and every fallen dwarf is buried. Its located between the dining room and the bedrooms so every day every dwarf walks by to pay their respects.