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On Eral Azikirit's life and death

18 June 2012, 18:51 Rating: 3 [+]

Eral Azikirit was the star soldier of Kuletsedil's swordsdwarf division. Single-handedly fighting off entire sieges and crushing kobolds with her bare hands. Once, while she filled her waterskin, she strangled an attacking carp to death with no injuries. Legendary in military, crafting, and social stats, she sped through the fortress with confidence and visible power.

However, one day, during an ambush, a goblin bolt struck her square in the spine. After the battle, she was brought to the barracks and unceremoniously dumped in a bed. The once all-mighty Eral Rewardknife became a babbling invalid.

Then things turned around for her. Her son was torn apart by wolves while cutting wood. As she grieved, the mayor ordered her beaten for being unable to create some arbitrary trinket, after being discharged from the military. Eral was pregnant, and her beating caused her to have a miscarriage. Unable to live anymore, she became suicidal, and crawled (somehow with a broken spine) to the moat. Perhaps hoping for a quick death, she instead starved to death at the bottom of the dry, sandy channel. Her bones still remain there today, and her friends and husband are all still ecstatic.