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18 June 2012, 12:08 Rating: 7 [+]

I once had a dorf in adventure mode who lost his left foot to a troll or ettin or something with butchers knife, anyway, he was on ground day to day, everyday. Even though he was horribly slow I played him anyway and I wanted to visit mountainhomes so badly I went on a journey north meeting goblins on the way.
Imagine a footless dorf laying on the ground covered by two steel shields biting the shit of goblins legs. And it worked, I lived through two packs of goblin ambushers, and a kobold ambush, but it doesn't matter. What matters is the style I lived through this:
The first goblin ambush left me untouched and I myself killed a goblin just by biting it. The rest was lying on the ground unable to move, so I flied given the chance.
Next ambush started bad. For the goblins that is. I've bitten one foot off of a goblin and proceeded to smash the shit of it with my shields, the fight lasted long and I was all bruised etc at the end, but I lived.
Later, a couple of days later in fact, another ambush was upon me, this time kobolds.
As usually, I proceeded to bite my way through them, and imagine my awe, when ordered to bite a kobold in the food my dorf spat out the goblin foot he was munching all this time. It was so awesome I actually bitten a few feet more off of those kobolds before they managed to pierce through my helmet.