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18 June 2012, 10:29 Rating: 3 [+]

BritDwarves: Every crafter is a crossbowDwarf, the rest are your glorious men-at-arms, who handle cattle, farming and management.
JapDwarves: Dwarves with management skills get full kit, training, and no physical jobs. Everyone else gets axe/spear as good conscripts.
300Dwarves: Everyone has mandatory wrestling. Uniform is only Shield and Spear. Create your own hot gates. NEVER SURRENDER.
VikingDwarves: They live in turfs (workshops, dormitory and cattle in one). Create semi-sufficient groups/clans when digging. Create middle area where goods are stocked and traded.
FinnDwarves: Only shallow digging. Survive on cattle, booze and crafts (mostly bone and wood). Everyone gets a shortsword and wrestles, preferably in a sauna or lake.
ADDorf: must make all rooms symmetrical, hallway must have even number of wall on either side (WWWdoorWWW) no filth allowed everything must have their own stockpile.
QuaryDorf: Only way to mine is with a quarry thats always exposed.
Fight Club: Conscript each 1-3 waves. Make a meeting area with shared barracks in the middle (make it visible!). Training at low threshold all year round so there is always dorfs fighting while the rest watch