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The one who carried two

09 June 2012, 08:37 Rating: 4 [+]

Unib Uristonul saw his friend get his guts torn out by a giant kea. Forgetting the bronze armour stashed in the down below, poor Moldath Akilolin had heroically rushed to the defence of the peasants and hogs who were getting accosted by the winged pests.

Talon and iron met in a frenzy of feathers and beard hair. Deep furrows were torn in flesh and it hung in ragged strips from the hero in the end - but he stood, and rallied the militia to run off the birds. Two miners joined in the fight - and of course Unib rushed back from the forests across the river. The four fought bravely and the pests were driven away. Moldath was dealt blow after blow and his body gave out. He lay on the ground, too tired to move.

"Go." He smiled to the others. "I 'av me axe. Go and git yerselves in bronze."

They went, but as soon as they were gone the parrots - their beady black eyes pits of remorselessness, pecked and pecked until Moldath was no more. The militia returned seconds too late.

Unib rushed to his friend's side, inconsolable. The bereaved looked to the sky and let loose a savage roar; fell and terrible. As the booming came to an end, the miners - standing well back overheard a whisper:
"From this day forward... I will carry two."