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Adventures of Likot Ubendeb (Part 3)

08 June 2012, 11:41 Rating: 66 [+]

Here is the translation of long MS Adventures game from the russian DF-related imageboard chuck.dfwk.ru. Offers and requests of players are cursive.

You are with the company of six dwarves successfully evacuated from the captured fortress. Your expedtion has to dapert toward west Untinkable Mountains for foundation of new settlement and it seemd nothing can stop you. But like it always happens if something bad is possible it occurs.

Move, do not make noise, better extinguish the candle
Let the tunnel will be explored by only two, not three
In any way must go there and figure out

Staying in a dark tunnel without a drop of light was not very tempting idea. Perspective stumble / fall / sink isn't enjoyable, herefore it was decided to carry the candle proudly, like a torch, and spit on the masking. Due to last decided to walk three of us instead of two-if you have to fight-Shorast and Tok will wield spears, while you will hold the candle and try not to extinguish it, darkness still.
So, you have moved forward. Nothing interesting around. Empty bowel of tunnel stretched relatively straight. The only thing that is unusual, is the size of it-dvarwes don't need such diameter.

About an hour later you've got to the place. Here, the tunnel narrows to normal dwarven size, and here are mounted vertical steel bars. And close behind it ... dwarf! He certainly saw the visitors from afar and is now waiting until they come close:
– Hey! Yes this is Shorast Kurelgeshak! Hello litter lath!
– Olin Adagfeb! Damn deserter! – Snorted manager – so it's still your excavation?
– Our, our ... And you pray Armok for leaving alive today and not raped by the goblins! We can organize if you want. We are now with the goblins on the short leg. (Tr. n. in good relations) And I think if we strongly ask for, they will find attractive even a bastard like you!
All have been stunned a bit.
– On the short leg? – Shorast gasped. – with goblins?
Olin laughed:

Let me tell you about what happened here, at least I'll glance at your mug, haha! Let's start with what we had long thought of sort how to to put to the expense all of your "Noooobles". We are a small Masonic society, and we were unable to tolerate more bureaucracy and corruption! So we hatched this plan for years. One day, digging deeper, we found a cave in which dwelt the ancient smoke monster. Unknown to all, we put a lot of effort to lasso it and capture. Now we had a powerful weapon to fight the enemies. With the power. But it was not enough . Then we decided to conclude an alliance with the goblins. We promised them the fortress, if they come here and kill everyone!

Their troops, of course, also would not be enough to manage with all of our army, but combined with a smoky monster, they worked as expected. It turned out that the monster was easier to raise from his cave to the surface through the system in natural voids than gnaw back to the fortress through stones. So we dug this wide tunnel to smuggle him from outside to fort. You see, on your left, planted a hole? We dragged it here. Now we are locked and waiting when the monster will deal with goblins ... or vice versa. Haha, they do not know about him! But in general everything is going the way we wished – the power is no more, no queen, no nobles, no any riffraff soap-boilers.
All succeeded, Shorast. So it goes.

They are fucking traitors. They must be kick-assed
You made a sharp attack with a spear, trying to get this ugly traitor face selling behind the bars. But alas! You overestimate your speardwarf skills, this is not killing a drunken goblin from behind. Easily cowered away from your attack, Olin arrogantly touched spearhead and smugly neighed, commented on your action:
– Ahah, I see you liked my wonderful fable. Well, never mind, come again, I'm always happy to tell you interesting news, I'm sure I will have them accumulated to the time. And now, farewell to brave cheesemakers with sharp sticks. I wish you dead on the first goblin ambush. – And he turned and stomped toward the fortress.
– What a freak, – Tok said.

Remove the bars. Dismantle the clutch in a side tunnel. Place the bars for 10 tiles closer to the exit. PROFIT! And leave to build new fortress with preference and dvarwen ladies.
– Definitely a freak. – Shorast confirmed when a bastard with axe disappeared behind the tunnel bend.
– These traitors must pay for their deeds. For the sake of Armok, we will punish them!
After some discussion, you have decided that the most ruthless way of execution of the apostate will be deflation of the notorious monster right into the lair of the revolutionaries. To do this you'll disassemble closed up hole and, after bars broke down, close up way out behind selfs.

Definitely back on surface
Somehow like this ... And now we leave.

The return trip took twice less time as a candle burning out rapidly, threatening to leave you in the pitch darkness so you had to flee. Miraculouslynot stumbled and not knocked the flame you've reached the stairs, which have at least a bit of light penetrated the room upstairs.
– We got ... Praise to Armok ... – Tok mumbled, pulling bars with your help.
Shorast was angry. You too.
Finally, all three of you came into a inn lobby where Meng guarded awaked goblin. A little breath, and after consulting with the others you once again ran into another house, this time for the clothes from the corpses for the goblin not to freeze.
Shorast began negotiations with the captive:
– Your name?
Goblin was a little confused, scared, but most of all he was sick from a hangover:
– Ah .. ya ... I do not remember.
– How are you?
– I feel rotten why?
– The fact that we have killed your friends and you are now our captive. We know that you're the trainer of mount toads. We need them to pull a wagon. And so we need you. – Manager as if by accident clicked with a finger an edge of spear. – But only if you agree to work for us. – He handed the spear to Tok. – In general, we do not need unnecessary mouths. So think about it and give an answer... Your toads will do what we need?
Goblin sat, blinked for a while:
– Yes,of course can ! Why not be able to?
– How exactly do you control them?
He again gathered his thoughts:
– Well... I stroke, slap, beat, or sometimes give bit of meat... but I need hands for this or they gobble myself!
The dwarves exchanged glances.
– Okay. Here are clothing. Now we'll untie you for a while and you'll dress. Then, restrained, you will go with us to the toads. If you'll think of escaping -we'll kill you. Clear?
– Clear... – He sighed.

On the mantelpiece lay rimless glasses, candlesticks without candles, and a box with a wooden ring inside. The grille was made of pig iron.

A picture with holes, GM, let's explore it!
First, you need to deal with that strange drawning, I was intrigued by these holes
I would have those holes poked with something for the sake of interest

While goblin fiddled with the clothes, you borrowed Tok's pipe and out of curiosity poked it in empty sockets in the picture. However, mouthepiece hasn't baulked something just like passed it trough. But there nothing appeared from reverse side, it's pretty surprised both of you. After some doubts you decided to look into these holes with your own eyes. Inside nothing was visible, although it felt kind of volume. As if you peering into some dark room.

Pick up the loot for the further barter and carry goblolo to toads. Tie up his legs in that way he can make only small steps and bowels from both legs kept by dwarfs.

Captive dressed clothing of his dead fellows. His hands were freed from the bondage, and his feet were tied on the contrary.It was decided to grab glasses, picture, box, grille and steel rods to the wagon plunging em to the toads. Still gotta overhelm toads.
Bringing a trainer to barn and took a spoon, you are moved to a respectful distance.
Goblin at first hesitated, then began to whistle, smack lips, slap his leg. Quitly croaking, toads appeared. Slightly excited by by the presence of strangers, they crept fearfully to the owner.
– That's good! – talked up goblin. – Good fellows ... Here, here ... Get caress...
A couple of minutes of "talk" later, toads such calmed down and growled not so menacing.

Shorast called out to captive:
– They should let us closer. It is necessary to load the catch.
– You, then? Now it is unlikely. Stranger smell, stranger voice, stranger look ... Yes, and how to secure stuff here? Better to bind everything from behind and let one simply pull dragged, nuh?
– Maybe so, – manager looked at the stuff. – Bars and grille can be dragged along the ground, others we'll bring ourself.
By doing so, everything finally went back.

Morning is approaching. The walking to the wagon took a lot longer this time. First, go up the hill and secondly loaded with loot, captive and his animals. Apparently, you are already close.

– THIS IS SMOKE MONSTER! – Tok yelled.
Only when you come to place of departure, you've suddenly found things happening here are f***ed up. It seems this шыnot the monster itself, but only its paw squeezed through the hole tunnel. The monster itself stayed inside, this however does not prevent him to grab a wagon and try to shake out the dwarves. Movement of the tentacles were very clumsy therefore it hasn't turned over our cart. From above scared Anil looked out, mumbling something. Lides and Bomel were there too, apparently.
All four dwarves and goblin caught the bad thought and to have fallen into the fear. Goblin though quickly suppressed per-second weakness, and turned to toads, which started to get nervous, and instantly began to calm them sothey do not gobble up someone out of fear (him). It seems the fact that he is at least a little familiar with military affairs, gave him strength of nerves. Dwarves continued hysteria, bulge eyes at each other, the monster in the sky, at the hands ...

Spear slipped under the the slab as a lever, dwarf lifts a stone, the other pushes.
A couple of dwarves bolder move the boulder, and the remains attempt to pull wagon with the rope close to the ground.
Play a game of tug with a monster sothe cart will fall below.
Drop on the tentacle the anvil

After a few seconds panic stopped – the manager treated all with encouraging slaps.
– Likot, quickly follow me! And two of you grab that rope and pull to the ground! Not enough yet to have our wagon wheels break up! AAAARRR!!
It's like Shorast got pre-tantrum condition. He grabbed you and three spears and dragged to push boulder. Meng and Tok, affected by this spirit, clutched the the rope and began to bend beast to the ground.
– We must pull out ours! – shouted doctor... – to someone.
NO! – Refused Shorast. – Bomel can't to go down, and Lides can't be made to! Let them stay there. HEY ANIL! Throw the anvil to the beast!
The big dwarf nodded, rummaged a bit, hung it over the side.
– HERE! – You nodded to the "root" of the tentacle was going to be pinched with a stone.
Anil threw the bar right to the passage, you and Kurelgeshak immediately pulled your socks up, pushing the boulder with all the forces.
Anvil has not passed through the smoke, and as if stumbled against invisible body, sidestepped. Stone also strongly pressed the "arm", but no more. Tentacle waned, dropping a wagon almost to the ground, but continued to hold it firmly.

Tie a rope to the toads, and let them pull while the entire party pounding the arm.
Let goblin with the toads pull and the rest hammering to the hand:miner with a pick, the doctor — with his slicer, speardwarfes — with spears.

You started with all available weapons punish the "hand" while goblin, with the command of Shorast, already tied a ropes thrown by Anil to toads. Grasp the monster has weakened under such pressure and the cart is slowly slipping out of his smoky claws. Goblin himself seems to be interested in leaving this place as soon as possible so led the animals very enthusiastically. Then out of the tunnel there was a loud roar of a monster who understands that prey escapes. Toads got even more nervous of this and pulled with a vengeance. Spears pierced the invisible flesh, Slicer chopped, a pick driven into ... Then the smoke convulsed, threw the wagon and drawn back into the tunnel along with two with spears stuck. Dwarves instantly grabbed the remaining goods - the anvil, candlestick, box, grille, bars, a dog and a goose, and ran after the cart, which goblin already tried to to stop with soothing toads. A little further, all sunk at last. Wagon checked for any damage, passengers, too, were such normal, except for Lides swaddled like a baby by Anil and Bomel yet when the party went to the village.
So, now you can breathe a sigh quieter. The wagon was going and everyone was safe.

So, you hit the road. According to the planned route, the next stop is the elven grove but first it was necessary to drive back the same village, after all the road was one, and meat for the toads to be reserved, they deserved it. The bodies of goblins were useful in this.
The stop was brief.
After a couple hours of driving from the village, the sun has risen high enough, and dwarves start nausea one after the other. Shorast explained that the abolition of the cave adaptation. Nothing can be done – only suffer. And vomit.
Tok burst first. Then the manager ... Wagon was lasted with intermittent trail of vomit. Anil held longest-surpassed even Bomel who also held with all his forces, hastily unwinding the bandages on the mug-barely had time to lean over the side. But at least managed. But Lides hasn't even tried – he burst right in the cart even though the benefit of a bucket on his head had kept a tight stream and he just smeared himself.

Little by little, struck up a conversation with the goblin:
– Well, do you remember the name of your own?
– What? – Turned one. – Yeah, I remember. Ostoks Kozmutog call me.
– Do not be angry that we had to feed your friends to toads...
– Oh, it would be foolish not to do. Do not go to waste the meat in actual fact. And the toads really like eyes and cartilages ...
Tok puked again.
– ... And the fact that you murdered them – well, anything can happen.
A couple of minutes, all was silent. Then goblin turned back:
– This is what I thought, there seems our siege yours? Fight there, dying ... That's where the meat would be get! We'd got some to devour...
– Ffuuu ... We do not eat the dead ...
– Why?
Meng poked Shorast in the ribs:
– Shut him up, or i'll make him dead!
Manager reassured the doctor with gesture.
– You, Ostoks, just go on in silence, okay? Do not talk about such things.
He shrugged his shoulders.
Up to the grove still remained three hours.

Long or soon ... You have reached the elven thicket.
Despite the fact that's the end of Opal – here in the valley is significantly warmer than in the mountains you came from.
The are were with leaves, even yellow.
Entering, – stated the manager, seeing a green ribbon on one of the trunks – There is their label.
– It is necessary to prepare goblin ahead of time.- Meng said. – Before "surprise" meeting with the eareds to prevent inadvertently killing.
He turned, grinning:
– But through the grove a whole army passed, and all only smiled.
– A? – Meng did not understand.
– No one likes elfes, right? They prohibit you cut trees and for example kill animals to us, eat each other... well, and much more. They need to compensate such demandings in order to prevent the aggression from everyone. So they try to satisfy as possible, if it does not concern them personally. We were going to fight with you. and they just smile and keep quiet. Wanna live – make compromises.
The dwarves exchanged glances.

Worth take some steps to disguise the goblin.
Just hide under the junk in the wagon for some time.
But I would hid the goblin.

If we'll meet the elves -offer trading. At the same time we might learn from them what's expecting us in the swamp.

You're a little afraid of meeting with the elves:
– Hey, Goblin! Is not it better for you to hide.
Tok supported:
– Here is where to go, and we will cover from above.
Shorast stroked his beard:
– Since we decide to hide goblin elves, what to do with the toads? They are something we can't disguise.
– Toads are our, we have tamed them, and now use, - put Meng.
Here Bomel joined:
– Ewwws www wot wwwck wst www www. Wwwwow wwwwime ooo wwwse.
– Elves will not attack just like that, says. Now time of peace. That is true in general.
Then the voice gave Ostoks:
– We'll see just right now.
– Haaaaalt! – Elfess appeared on the road, showing a calm gesture to stop.
Coachman obeyed. Toads growled at the stranger, and the goblin immediately clicked his tongue
– Good day, stranger, you cross the boundary of our domain and I need to check what you carry.
Tok put spear right close to the goblin's back. Manager nodded and called Meng to jump out. Both jumped off behind the wagon and took attention of frontier guard.
– Passengers are driven by our friend. I mean us. Good day, and you, too.
The elfess looked at pair:
– Dwarves? ... and the Goblin? ... – She slowed down the tone – Is all right?
- Yes, perfectly - reassured Kurelgeshak - He hired worker and takes us to the place of foundation of the new fortress.
Eared incredulously looked at the toads:
– New? ... There is a rumor saying that Mountain Home is under siege ...Are you from there?
– From there, yeah. But we safely beat off the siege and sent an expedition, that is us, to develop a civilization on.
– It is gratifying to see such an attitude. As well as this unusual collaboration – She nodded to the coachman, – Elves always tried to instill the peaceful coexistence of all around. A life without murders and violence. For neither man nor dwarves nor goblins neither kill each other, nor kill animals nor kill the trees, you know? Everything in nature is in harmony, everything is alive...must to respect and appreciate this life. In any form.
Dwarves nodded silently. Do not let Armok these speeches slip into a condemnation of a wooden cart.
– But it should be, you are in a hurry – came to her senses guard.- This road leads south through the very Grove. Over there, in the heart of the forest, it crosses another road, from east to west. Where are you going exactly?
Shorast unfolded a map:
– Here. To the Unthinkable Mountains.
– Ach ... – You ready to move over the ice? Indeed now the most cold ... You do not look that the forest is green - the trees we have are special. Warm-trunked. Swamps are rather frozen. So that's what – you are unusual company and if you'll go straight through the growthst, will get a bunch of questions at every step. I can accompany you to the swamp, saving from questions of everyone you'll meet.
Shorast and Meng exchanged glances:
– And what would cost this service?
– What are you, I will not take charge.
Manager shrugged his shoulders:
– Go. But how do you leave the border post?
The elf smiled
– You do not think that I am the only guard here?
She turned aside and whistled like a bird.
Response came as the hooting of an owl from three sides.
– First of all I inspect a wagon, and then sit down next to your employee.
Meng and Shorast stepped aside to let her pass.
– Good day to all ... – Heard from inside.
Everyone has heard the conversation and Tok had time to hide the spear at the depth of wagon.
– So, what we have here? The seeds ... wine ... tools ... Oh, steel rods! ... Spear ... hmm, just one? Haha, well, – She looked outside, – All right, we can go.
Dwarves once again exchanged glances.

Elf, if she remains a member of her entity, can not lie
You sure can speak her out and take ith us, she'll guard the fortress.
It is unlikely that she will stay long with us, so you should find out everything you can.
Just move on.
Show her goose. And she is ours!
Screw her!
Put her ass to the embrasure
It's f***ing robbers!
Politely refuse eared woman. Even if she'll show boobs.
She's decoy-duck! Not from elfes. "Believe", take away, torture.
F**k this pussy and her good intentions.

Shorast asked elf to get off the wagon for a minute to consult with others.
Opinions were divided about whether to deal with the elves or not.Some said that it is necessary to take elf because of boobs, her knowledge of the area and just for political reasons, others, however, offered to get rid of her by any way.
Then you are offered to vote. Shorast, Anil and Bomel voted to take the elf, Meng, Tok and you - voted against. Alas, but vote solved nothing too. If Lides was now in his right mind, his voice would be decisive.
– Oh, throw your democracy to the demons! – Tok said. I can not stand for a spirit of these long-eareds, they stink pitch and sawdust.
– Do not like her. – supported Meng. – Elves are not so good. For the first time I see that they not only let someone close to their woods, but also call for a visit. Not for the good that's all.
– In that case, I, as leader of the expedition, must make a decision. - Shorast declared. – We will be very careful. But we will go into the forest with the elf, we have no choice. She's not alone, and we are unlikely to provide at least some resistance. So assume that we are hostages.
– Whaaaa, am i hostaged by elfes too? – The goblin butted, turning to you. – I'm already hostage but your not elfen!
– Ostoks, you are now doublу hostage. – Said the manager. – But this does not relieve you from our task, get it?
– No question at all ... – Goblin turned and began to look indifferent gaze into the distance on a dirt path leading into the heart of the elven forest.

Every time somewhere in the world cute animal killed or tree cut-elf shits a log.
Put her ass to the embrasure, and in front of her face feed toads with kittens in order so she fires logs like ballista.

Once again, you catch yourself thinking that in your mind some strange voices inhabit, offering just a brilliant idea.

– Excuse me, dear, – Elfen voice from outside interrupted the dispute. – Not like i overheard... simply it was easy to hear. – She looked inside, – So, no matter how you treat my company and ... the smell of... But you do not think that I'm comin you dash aside uncontrollably in our woods? Consider me a burden, but without me you will not go further.
Shorast helped her climb:
How many dwarves, so many opinions, you understand. I think we can all be grateful guests to stay for the duration of forced visit and we will not make you problems.
– Oh, wonderful! – She fluttered and settled on the floor – And you shall in no case be hostages. How could you even think about this? But here is your employee... it's true that you hold him by force?
Shorast opened his mouth, then interrupted by the goblin:
– This form of speech, my dear. I lost card to shorths and debtor now, understand? Work debt out.
– Yes, I just asked. Here we go.
Ostoks snapped the reins and the cart rolled. Immideatly Anil's dog and goose felt out from the bags. Seeing the visitor, they began to walk around and look at her. Dwarves were a little confused:
– Ummm ... – Shorast hesitated, – all right?
– Yes. Why? What is it?
He looked around the interior of wagon:
– Wood ... drums ... boxes ... We have a few ... dead wood, so to speak.
– Oh, this is – dismissed companion – Do not worry. Many, you know, many people believe that we are unrestrained fanatics, crazy on the idea of the inviolability of the forest. I admit we have a fairly rigid principles governing the issue, but we still live in the real world. There are things that can't be mase any other way but with the wood. Barrels, wagon ... my bow! Elves cherish the idea of rational use of this material, because the wood – is flesh, meat of living trees. It would be like to create a barrel of meat and skin of biped!
Ostoks chuckled.
– Yeah ... – eared Continued – Our philosophy is not too popular, I know. But there where we are going, no hard-core ultra-Orthodox, so you can relax.
It is a relief for us – the manager sighed.
And do you have healer? – Meng said – You collect herbs? Berries ... We need to help our fellow's mind.
– Healers are ... What's wrong with him?
– Head-damaged!
– Lost his mind – you have added.
– Well ... mind can be healed only with time and rest ... probably ... I do not know, talk to the druids when we'll come.
– Is it allowed?
– Of course. We will stop for ... inegotiations and trade. – She already was stroking the dog and the goose just sat there.
Toh, who sat frowning all the time finally came to life:
– Wish we have what to trade, then...
– Indeed - supported Kurelgeshak - We can offer very little.
– I've seen the steel bars... it's great for us. After all, we do not dig, so the metal is quite valuable here.
– I have a iron rim – Toh got glasses from cap's visor.
– And the candle – you have added.
– All it'll do for the exchange – eared nodded.
Manager calmed down a bit:
– How do things you have here? What's new?
– In general, you know, the winter ... low season. No sow, no plowing, no harvests ... People sit out on warm homes, no one does not go anywhere and does not get in trouble. No news to happen from. They say, however, that in the city a big celebration planned. Maybe you will even get there, by the way.
– And you yourself?
– We. huh? No complains. But we are more observers than active participants in this event, so we have a little interesting going on.
You have grown rougher in the stomach. It would not hurt to fill belly after long bursting on the way.
– Is it possible to get some food due the way? Some fruit, berries?
– All was collected along the road, and you should not go deep to the Grove. Wait until we arrive, okay? It will be better.
Dwarves sighed in frustration.

– Uh ... guys guys ... can – Mumbled Goblin – Heeeere... Suuuch...
Tok turned into an open gap and immediately jumped deep into the wagon. Elf all the way twittered about everything, almost no one could insert and take the word, but now when everything suddenly fell silent - was heard the distant din, the shouts, the sounds of battle. Dwarves with the attendant looked out.
F**k up is already here. Seems that it just did followed on the heels of the company and appeared everywhere in a couple of steps ahead of them.
– Oooaaaawhatis – eared scared, immediately sprinkling tears – No no no ... How does it ... from ... But why?
One thing was clear: elves slaughtered elves. There are those who peaked hoods, and those who dressed simpler. It must be those that are regulars here have been simpler, and others are foreigners.
– It can't beeeeee! – this... howling. – There's my father! There is in the dry tree! Where large stained glass light window lights! There is his laboratory, he's Alchemist... Please! – she clung the first available ... Ostoks – He's still there! Help him out! SAAAAAAVE HIM!

The end of the third part.

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