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Adventures of Likot Ubendeb (Part 2)

08 June 2012, 08:39 Rating: 34 [+]

Here is the translation of long MS Adventures game from the russian DF-related imageboard chuck.dfwk.ru. Offers and requests of players are cursive.

You are with the company of six dwarves successfully evacuated from the captured fortress. Your expedtion has to dapert toward west Untinkable Mountains for foundation of new settlement and it seemd nothing can stop you. But like it always happens if something bad is possible it occurs.

– What is it? Horse? – You pinted to the animal standing near wagon. – Is it donna draft wagon?

White goose is standing gracefully upright in front of you. Draft animals able to drag the wagon do not even smell here(well, literally). Even no hoofs marks on close ground.
Manager shivered nervously and looked questioningly at Anil. He just shrugged his shoulders and with snapping tongue and waving his arms began to explain something silently to Shorast. Miner's doggie for some reason known only to it began to whine and scoff on goose.
After some discussion, Shorast stated:
– Actually, here was a mule. We were going to harness goose as a second animal for the wagon, well, you know, all that tradition, with the wagon to be two animals. – Manager grinned ruefully and snorted.-Now the mule is gone. Just without a trace.
The whole group of these words fell into a stupor andplunged into confusion, what to do now? Everybody stare at manager, expecting him to offer just any idea.

Can a mule STAND ON THE OTHER SIDE of the wagon?
Well of course! Why we just have not guessed! You have already gathered to shout "Oh here you are, bastard!" and drag mule back to the wagon but alas. Here is no animal. But you have found a crumpled curve dagger, horned helmet and a little weird engraving on the stone.

Maybe harness Anil to a cart and let him drag?
And, if he does not fit the definition of "animal", then you can harness doggie with him.
He can drag the wagon but he'll be exhausted within half an hour, and even earlier. In case of wagon pulling strhgth doesn't matter but endurance, with which Armok unfortunatly deprived bipeds.

Veeeeeery carefully inspect surrounding area.
Your harsh dwarven heels are already freezing to walk on the frozen rocks. Manager gave you felt boots, hat and jacket from the stock in the wagon. By the way, yes, no stranger there. All the supplies are in place.

You got dressed and decided to go in search of four, miner stays to look after the crippled. You have few variants where to go to.
First, back to the fortress - go through a tunnel or go through the passage and enter through the gate. Second, you can go to the tavern, where we're going to sleep - even though it is unlikely to meet the appropriate animals, as soon as tavern abandoned and it's stall is empty.
Third, further behind the tavern is a human village, where the cattle is likely to be, however, walk to the settlement will have five times longer than to the tavern and you'll back only at the morning.
Well, the fourth option, the most stupid and unreliable-go to the hills, catch wild goats and rams and attempt attempt to harness them to the wagon.

I suggest going to the countryside, why not?
You have decided to check the tavern on the south, and if you'll find nothing keep going towards the village. After about an hour of walking you see three small buildings, one of which has a lights and fired oven. There is somebody. Apparently, building on the left - the owners' house, central one is inn, stall in the right.

In the hotel - ask questions: the situation in the area, do they have animals, iа they reply negative-kick their asses, steal everithing stealable and go to town to sell it.
Empty. There is nobody, just a lot of dust and cobwebs.

Get tothe stable, if there is a horse or a couple-steal 'em.
Carefully inspect the stables but don't do something for now.
The lock on the gate broken, the doors are ajar. When you looked inside, it was dark like inside gnome's butt, and very quiet. If there were animals, they would be heard.

Stealthy look at the window of house with lights.
And here are the owners. They sit and play cards. Fortunately, they are pretty passionate about it so you were not noticed.

Look at the window of other room.
There is a staircase to the attic floor. You can try to get here through the roof, but this would require a ladder.

Check inn and stables more attentive, and preferably with no rustle
In the search of the ladder you again entered to the stables. At this time some noise was madeб and when you've been checking corners, stables seemed no more empty. Your fuss has been with met displeasured gurgling growl and six red-eye views from different corners of the stables.

Carefully move backward and leave stables. Then try to secure gate somehow so these do not crawle out of there.
You decided not to make any sudden movements so as not to provoke these carnivorous amphibians. Retreating back, you came out of the stall, and find no other way to secure gates like with the spoon.

It is necessary to check out the hotel -there under the carpet may be the hatch into the cellar which may be connected to other house cellar, as i've seen, there is hatch to the cellar in back room of main house. If we get there -it's easy to pull weapons put right behind the door.
You can take a look at the picture on the wall in the hotel. Clown, huh? Flip the picture and see if there is something under it.
You've come back to the inn. With close look at the picture you've noticed that the eyes of the drawn creature suspiciously empty. There are literally two black holes.

Under the carpet may be the hatch into the cellar
Voila, found the hatch.

A pictureseems to be hanging on a string, so you can try to take ut and look at the back side.
Inspect the cabinet inside and the wall behind him
If you look into the eyes of the picture, it seems that there is a void. However, the light does not hit there and nothing inside you can see. Noticing that the picture is hanging on a string, you took off it. But to your surprise there are no holes in the wall, moreover there are no holeson the back of the canvas.
A curious thing. You will be able explore, when a minute will drop out.

And why do we actually needed a ladder? There are also four sturdy dwarves who easily withstand the weight of each other, and the rope. I hope it's not in the wagon? So build the pyramid, lightest will climb on the window and secure rope at the attic. And voila, the whole party in the house.
You've decided to waste no more time for looking of ladder and move to action. Incidentally, you got no rope here so you decided to string up and perform incredible acrobatic trick for dwarves-to build a pyramid. Only one will climd, so he'll be the only hope.

There are three spears by the wall and a shield. Perhaps somewhere here is third one.
In a completely unnatural position there is body on the second floor belonging ещ extremely drunk goblin, almost choking in his own vomit.

Pull up engraver on the 2nd floor and look around in this room.
Search the goblin, then go down the stair and try stealthy steal spears through the door and share 'em (there are seems to be 3) and one who got no spear will take stool. Anв if goblins will notice us stealing spears-grab its, rush to attic and flush through the window.
You've managed to pull in Tok too. Meng and Shorast still waiting outside while you look around the attic. There's nothing except picture on the wall, stool and body. Goblin is not dangerous, so you decided that you do not need to kill him. Now. After searching a goblin, you found nothing but an empty bottle.

A close-up view of picture if possible?

We go down slowly, looking first wherever we go, not to run into someone on accident.
You've decided not to deal with drunk one right now and go straithly for the spears. Trying not to squeak steps, you and Tock went down to the ground floor. Faces of Meng and Shorast were seen in the window. All was quiet for now.

We go still steal a spear.
Very cautiously opened the door, you glanced inside and saw goblins passionated with game and drinks. The smell in the room clearly verified drunken state of them like voices too. Acting is extremely neat, you managed to pull off all three spears and a shield, then you locked the door and got good thought, Snatcher skill +1.

Arm with a stool and a bottle (glass rosette?)Once armed with spears both arms are busy. Stool though can be pulled on head like a helmet. At least some protection. Meng and Shorast loomed from the window that the door is still locked from the inside and the braves have to act theirselves. The window was also bristled with oakum, and scored a nail strips, since the onset of the winter.

Pull the spear out of the window and let folks climb with it.
Nuuuh, basement and shed will be explored later.
Give one spear through the attic window to Shorast and get ready for the assault.
Take glass pot from the table, mug from the floor ant put them on the ladder steps, add a bottle too.
Let's arm Shorast with odd spear and he'll knock the door and try to speak with greens.
It was too hard to drag rest of the party inside without making noise. So one spear was given to Shorast. Hatch to the basement, though attracted freshness, but stoically was left for dessert, because the primary threat was sitting right outside the door. Just in case a spiral staircase was turned into a crap-trap if drunk one will wake up. It was also decided to start with attemtp to act peacefully, and the manager took the role of negotiator. Meng stood a few steps at the ready, and Shorast knocked on the door.

Drunken voices got silent inside. Could be heard as one of the goblins scrapped his chair from the table and came with uneven steps to the door.
– Whudda... – He opened and stared at guest with drunk eyes. – Who are you?

Shorast pretended calm:
– Greetings.
Behind the back of first second yelled:
– Whooooa's der?
– Quiet you! – First turned back. – Stop yelling, moron. – He turned back to the dwarf and almost fell, clutching the jamb.

Bring the harvest to Armok!
No goblin-no problem.
Arm with spears and meet guests strikes in the belly.
Kill two of them.
Beat gobletards with stolen spears!
Kick asses to these goblins!
Goblins are distracted and will get a spear in the back.
Poking them with a spear until they bleed to death.
(Observe in the door slit) quickly but quietly attack in the back.
Dwarf pride strikes with a spear right to face!
Yeah, finish em. Spike in face.
Kill goblobitches in wild hell fire feeling.
Trust goblins? No way!
Perhaps these two can be easily defeated.
Take joy in slaughter!

Shorast whistled and at the same moment thrust a spear in the throat of the interlocutor. Meng jumped out from the corner and cut off what he reached. Arm. Tok and Likot attacked from behind second drunk. Likot hit the edge of the face, ripped it off completely, Buketotil pierced heart. A few heartbeats later, everyone got a good thought in the name of Armok. Goblin in the door collapsed to the floor, second was nailed to the table.

A-a-a-a-aaargh blood gore death!!!11111
This is madness ... Blood. It's everywhere.
With a little departure from the combat courage you become disgusted by what you've just dove thought they were just a goblins.
The amount of blood could bring any to insanity. Look, Meng even begins to roll his eyes and wheeze. Wow how it is, the doctor - and afraids of the blood sight! His nervous rather weak.

In my opinion, he's sneezing
Outside suddenly got heard shouts and screams of Shorast and the roar of Meng. You have been thinking that all is lost Goblins were not three but more, and your comrades stumbled upon a sober team of evil greenassed. But when you jumped out you've a strange scene: manager tumbled down kicking butcher and hardly trying to pour the contents of a tube down to his mouth.

What does all this mean?

Quickly rush to help him -he's the leader of the expedition, however.
1. Settle the issue with the Meng
2. Tie up to the goblin on second floor with guts.
3. Check the basement

You ran up and helped to immobilize convulsioning doctor. Manager hasn't waiting for the questioning and begun:
– It's sedative. He gets seizures, it happens. In the fortress I was always keeping eyes on him and his time to take medications, and here's missed point... This is because of the blood, he can not stand the smell. But great as specialist, so - appointed to be a doctor, nothing can be done, be a doctor.
A little rested, Mamgozodur regained consciousness and looked at comrades. Shorast hurried to pick him up:
-Well, that's all right now! Let's tie up the goblin upstairs and drag him to the tavern, at least there are no blood spatters.
You are immediately reminded of:
– We got no rope. How to tie, then?
– Guts! – Buketotil joked.
– And even so, – manager supported. – Go.

Meng is leaving outside in the cold, you three have returned to the house. Tok and shorast have begun to rip goblin near the table, and you at this time have gone to check basement. At the bottom were only the big barrels of wine but the smell says clear it's all soure, spoiled and turned into shit. Nothing more in the basement. Jerked, you closed the hatch and released a spiral staircase of the bottle-trap-wasn't useful. Kurelgeshak and Tok climbed, tied a drunken with bloody guts and the sack him down. You joined too and carried him to the inn with six arms.
It was cold, dark, scary here. Throwing captive on the floor in the lobby near the hatch, you all have settled back and waited. It would be worthwhile here inflame the fireplace, or vice versa would not be worth. Other rooms upstairs were empty and not noticeable. Also here is basement, but it was too dark to go there.
Swallowing frost, drunk stirred.

Goblin ishowed signs of life, but he still was overdrunk. He'll sober no sooner then to the morning so no need to handle him for a while.
Ran into the house for a candle, you have decided to explore the basement of the hotel. Tok has come after, you've come down, and there is quite a different situation – an underground passage! Judging by the direction it leads ... back to the fortress! Draught tended the flame of a candle, and there in the distance, it seems to be a dim light. Called Shorast to look, you three have begun to stare and try to hear anything.
– I wonder .. - Muttered the manager – it's doublty dug by the hoteliers.
– Or they are where the light is? Still digging – Buketotil chuckled

– Let's find out – you glanced at the two – whether we fear the dungeons?
Meng remained at the top with one of the spears guarding the prisoner.

Move, do not make noise, better extinguish the candle
Let the tunnel will be explored by only two, not three
In any way must go there and figure out
Staying in a dark tunnel without a drop of light was not very tempting idea. Perspective stumble / fall / sink isn't enjoyable, herefore it was decided to carry the candle proudly, like a torch, and spit on the masking. Due to last decided to walk three of us instead of two-if you have to fight-Shorast and Tok will wield spears, while you will hold the candle and try not to extinguish it, darkness still.
So, you have moved forward. Nothing interesting around. Empty bowel of tunnel stretched relatively straight. The only thing that is unusual, is the size of it-dvarwes don't need such diameter.

About an hour later you've got to the place. Here, the tunnel narrows to normal dwarven size, and here are mounted vertical steel bars. And close behind it ... dwarf! He certainly saw the visitors from afar and is now waiting until they come close:
– Hey! Yes this is Shorast Kurelgeshak! Hello litter lath!
– Olin Adagfeb! Damn deserter! – Snorted manager – so it's still your excavation?
– Our, our ... And you pray Armok for leaving alive today and not raped by the goblins! We can organize if you want. We are now with the goblins on the short leg. (Tr. n. in good relations) And I think if we strongly ask for, they will find attractive even a bastard like you!
All have been stunned a bit.
– On the short leg? – Shorast gasped. – with goblins?
Olin laughed:

Let me tell you about what happened here, at least I'll glance at your mug, haha! Let's start with what we had long thought of sort how to to put to the expense all of your "Noooobles". We are a small Masonic society, and we were unable to tolerate more bureaucracy and corruption! So we hatched this plan for years. One day, digging deeper, we found a cave in which dwelt the ancient smoke monster. Unknown to all, we put a lot of effort to lasso it and capture. Now we had a powerful weapon to fight the enemies. With the power. But it was not enough . Then we decided to conclude an alliance with the goblins. We promised them the fortress, if they come here and kill everyone!

Their troops, of course, also would not be enough to manage with all of our army, but combined with a smoky monster, they worked as expected. It turned out that the monster was easier to raise from his cave to the surface through the system in natural voids than gnaw back to the fortress through stones. So we dug this wide tunnel to smuggle him from outside to fort. You see, on your left, planted a hole? We dragged it here. Now we are locked and waiting when the monster will deal with goblins ... or vice versa. Haha, they do not know about him! But in general everything is going the way we wished – the power is no more, no queen, no nobles, no any riffraff soap-boilers.
All succeeded, Shorast. So it goes

Here is the end of second part.

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