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Adventures of Likot Ubendeb (Part 1)

26 May 2012, 08:48 Rating: 56 [+]

Here is the translation of long MS Adventures game from the russian DF-related imageboard chuck.dfwk.ru. Offers and requests of players are cursive.

You wake up in (suddenly) your room not somewhere Armok knows where. Travels in deserts and goblin forests turned up to be a dreams borned by procreation of your autistic imagination.

After short recovering you've remembered that today is important but at the same time one of the most unpleasent days of your life. Matter is that by the decision of the Queen you have to leave your usual habitat and with company of six other "luckies" emabrk to far expedition for foundation of new fortress.

Go get drunk!
Apparently, someone closed from inside the door in your room. Interesting, who would do it?

Look at muralengraving on the wall.
Engraved on the wall is the masterful rendition of Bomul Shomil.
Bomul Shomil raises Dongitestil, artifact bucket with image of Dongitestil, artifact bucket. Bomul Shomil seems triumphant.

Break down the door with throwing sock.
Sock with a crunching hit on the door and hanged on lock bolt. Apparently, you are not enough raged to use it like battering ram.

Open door. Wear the sock. Equip with a spoon and come to meeting hall.
Get to canteen and eat, mean, drink.
You've decided to overcome your autistic intentions and finally open your room's door. Before leaving you've decided to equip with spoon and sock but then took thought where you should go first-meeting hall, canteen or booze stockpile.

Inspect the room, checking your stocks. If there is outerwear-equip it.
Of all the stocks found in the room there is only mushroom spawn remaining after yesterday's dinner. No such outerwear and, for the matter, cabinet in your room.

Exit the room and look where we found ourselves. Before leaving arm with wooden lock.
Taking the lock for some reason, you've left the room and looked around. You are in the hallway of tour apartment block where you lived most part of your adult life. Here is almost nothing to look at.

Also, it would be nice to strain your memory and remember plannig of our fortress, what we have and where.
Without much strainig you've remembered all halls and corridors where you've been at least once. At your visists list: bedroom for poor 1x2, local booze cellar, buffet, canteen and meeting hall near well. The rest of the fortress you know.

Come to get drunk.
Eat, mean, drink.
Satisfy our physical needs.
For this get to bar(booze pile)

The idea that it would not hurt to drink something stronger was on your mind since awakening. So, it's your purpose #1.
Bared ass crazy run past you, yelling something in an incomprehensible language.

Going into the cellar, you find the last barrel of dwarven wine. It seems to be at the bottom something splashes.

Check out barell's content

At the bottom of the barrel is left just enough booze to get drunk as it should. Alcohol has added strength and markedly improved
well-being but gave no joy at all. Because this is again the same damn dwarven wine! Again from the same
damned plunp helmets and cooked again with the same damned brewer!

You got +1 bad thought. In sum, with the idea that you now have to leave home you totally have 2 bad thoughts. 5 bad thoughts lead you into tantrum so now you gotta act more careful.

Also, take a paper from the back and take a look what's written on it.
On the paper with dwarven runic letter and crooked handwriting scrawled: LIKOT UDENDEB ONINOAGAK. In closest translation it sounds like "Likot SoapEater - anal elf". Taking into account the fact that you are exactly Liko SoapEater, and there is no such another in the fortress-it definitely means someone deliberately trying to annoy you. +1 bad thought.

Come to armor an weapon stockpiles, equip and arm respectively, Also, if there is coin pile-use the occasion to look back and to fill pockets with gold.
You don't know where is armory and treasury. Even if you know, soapmaker livivng low cost appartaments is ulikely to be allowed.

Go to fortress ruler(or whoever responsible) to know about expedition details
You have never seen this ruler (Queen, actually - she's in charge here), and yopu have no idea where here throne room is or where she gets visitors. And about the expedition will be announced in the evening at the well, where seven founders will meet .

Try to date some dwarfgirl and persuade her to coitus
Here is nobody around so nothing like this before eening event at the well. Now you can only try to persuade bare ass psycho to coitus who is running around here.

Strip to the nude and run through the corridors, shouting something in an incomprehensible language (we will not stand out - maybe there so it is accepted here).
Nudism is now quite fashionable, especially in the new fortresses, with the unsteady economy. But exhibitionism in our fortrss under the strict prohibition-all violators immediately put in solitary confinement, or thrown into the danger room. SO running aroung with bare "joys" is too risky-maybe someone will see and surrender us to the authorities.

Ask a psycho, what the hell is his problem.
It makes no sense. That psycho faces of all the signs of manic-icrazy insanity-stark raving mad, any dwarf can define it even without medicine education. His problem most probable is fail of his strange mood. Well, he didn't get turtle shell, uncut lapis lazuli or something like that... So he flew off the rails.

Try to remember with whom I am in conflict for recent times. Also take a look on this crooked handwriting, perhaps, I know who did it.
Well, seems, nobody to. You don't even have some real acquaintances. And you've no idea how non-existent handwriting of non-existent acquaintances. So, authorship of this paper is for you a deep secret ...

These and many other thoughts swarming in your head while you were sitting in a corner, digesting the wine. The mood you have is a lousy. You are more and more aware the fact that during all those years that you lived here, you will not amassed no acquaintance, no friends, never worked and indeed has never deviated from the path footworn Bed-Food-Bed.

Wash the mug in the well to cheer up a bit
Would not hurt. But first you

Look on engravings
On the left wall inaccurately carved two rising crescent-symbol of your fortress.
The entire front wall is portrait of Ubur Limulenog-deceased husband of Queen.

Rinsing face, you've step a bit away from the depression. You have some ideas what to do till evening. however no clear plan for the day.

Go to the shop, look at the small animals. Buy plunp helmet spawn, name it Pineapple
You already have plump helmet spawn-it's in your room. You've put it in your cap and pet a bit-it's calmed you down and gave you good thought.

The newly pet in the cap has changed your appearance for the worse.

Using a spoon dig out the door lock - may be useful
After carefully examination of door's both sides you find nothing like a lock. Only thing it was locked with is the wooden board you bring all the morning.

Search for the room with no dwarf inside and go inside (break down the door if needed). Look for some loot .
Suddenly, in the depth you feel waking up of the unknown forces. You've got a vision-right behind the wall in the next room is definitely a thing rightly belongs only to you and no one else, and you just have to take it. Dwarven special clairvoyance was quiet for last four years, and you've been surprised to feel again divination abilities.

Oh yeah, it's a great sock! Even no breaking down the door to get this gem.

Find out how it got into another room.
It didn't get in other room. Maybe it was always there but sock became yours just now.

On the way to the dining room make sure statue is about the same plot like our room's engraving, take a look engravings around bedrooms Fuuuu-face style one near well.
1. Yeah, It is the same. Bomul "Wooden Stave" Sholil, who's carved mug every morning grinning ypu in the bedroom. And bucket's the same.
2.Some of the everyday's life stories of the fortress. "Ubur Limulenlog removes Urist Mekurigril from the position of capitain of the guard. Urist did not give it much importance".
3. This is Tok Buketotil. Tok is surrounded by mosquitoes. Tok looks terrified.

Take chicken feather from pillow.
Take the calendar from the door, check out what's the date today.
After reading "How to clutter inventory quick for dummies" you've seen you ABSOLUTELY NEED calendar and chiken feather.

About the date - today is 24 of Opal. On the calendar marked with red 23 of Opal. Something was yesterday, something important for room owner.

Jump to bed, strike a menacing pose.
You stroke a menacing pose.
Wow, that was a fuckin waste of time.

Realize that you hungry.
Go to the dining room for lunch
Get grub and booze, and go to the meeting hall.
Go to store food and whip out something to emergency reserve for the trip. Just in case.
It's time. Already at noon, and you have not eaten anything yet. After making a bag of bed sheets you put iside your stuff, hanged on spoon and moved to the buffet. But right in in front of door tou hesitated, and wondered if it worth to go there inside.

Morons, don't go to pile, don't you see there is miasma! You'll get bad thought. Better take a look on the bucket.
Lookin for a good motivation to get in miasma room, you've decided to look on the bucket. Reviiewing it carefully you have not find anything unusual or exciting, that's just washing bucket. noticeably less then THE BUCKET you see on engravings and statues. Unfortunately, you got no good thought.

If it the bucket from the engraving, removed from the chain, put on the head, cover with cap to hide.
Bucket just don't fit on the head. And it's doubtly really artifact...

Maybe we just dwarfcraft something of board and bucket at once! It's so funny!
With a little imagination you dwarfcrafted of bucket and board HELICOPTAAAAH and dropped this shit near well.

Take pillow cover, soak it with wine remains from the barrel, wound to the face and enter into a pile room
After put wet cloth on face you prepared to poen the door to the room.

Dramatically flung open the door, you suprisingly have found for yourself that ...

...misama not only gets under the mask but also brutally hurts eyes! Even after taking the necessary measures you've you still underestimateddanger of this horrible lachrymatory substance.
Even the brutal dwarf like you instantly limp, like a girl.

Shut the door. Dip teared face into the well. Go look for grub in the dining room.
Open the door and let miasma out. Let the whole fortress joys.
Barely dragging yourself out of a purple cloud, you tried to touch and lock the door but failed to find it. Well' let it ventilate while you are limping to the well.

Making randy baboon face you tried to spew a stream of vomit. Fortunately, due to the fact that wine digest and assimilate quickly enough you didn't spoiled well water with your beatiful inner world.

Wait until it's ventilated and then finally take something to devour. BTW check if there is somebody dead inside.
When the air has become cleaner and more transparent, you went inside and examined the contents of the barrels. Three of the are full of plump helmets, on the bottom of forth few pieces of salted crandle meat, and stack of trays in the corner keeps rotten roast of minced dwarven wine. Seems it was exactly roast what spoiled loacl atmosphere. You've put a meat and mushrooms in a bag and gone to the canteen to eat.

Well, if we're going, keep going.
Really, keep going. On the way you disassembled HELOCOPTAAH and entered canteen. There is quite dirty, but you foundnd clean table and chair. With eating you have reduced the number of bad thoughts to two.

Go to the west. Why not, time to change things in our live.
Now, when you're no loger hungry no longer plagued by the thought of booze, it is possible to go and explore the area. Going to the west where you weren't last few years. You vaguely recall that there is the main part of the fortress.

You remember this place. It's the place you've your red sock four years ago with your dwarven telepathy. But what about where ladder and hatch leads-you really don't remember. You even forgot which road you came from when were settling.

Read the label
POROSHOK NE VHODI (t.n. This is label used for dry extinguishing areas means "Powder-stay out", sounds pretty strange in Russian)
Label typed with regular runes but no idea what this language is. Maybe some service code, useful for military and mainers only.

Go up
The floor above is another living area with similar planning dug out someday in the middle of magnetite cluster. Here poor dwarfs live. I. e. lived-magnetite walls dug out right out in most ogа the rooms. Seems, fortress really needed more iron as soon as they dig it here instead of exploration somewhere else.

Yell "HEEEY! ANYBODY HERE!" few times.
Examine living rooms, maybe there is something.
Yelled twice at living area direction and got no response, you've started searching in the ruins. Between heaps of stones and dust you've found invite ticket on party of celebration the opening of the new magma manufactory. Date - 23 of Opal. Looks like you missed the fun, and you probably would be disappointed if it were a party dwarf.

Listen. If we hear some noise-go to it's direction. Maybe we'll find high boot or even GAUNLET
After listening, you have not heard anything back. But after a couple minutes of wandering around the ruins, you heard the rumble quite distinctly and felt shaking under the feet. This is cave-in. Whether you're a man of above-ground, you would think "Oh, screw that, it happens". But you're dwarf and you absolutely know cave-ins in 99% of cases provoked by the dwarves and happen themselves extremely rare. SO it's signal somebody is digging there in the deep.

Try to remember why we are so sure that expedition day is today. When were we announced about it?
Recall why we know meeting is today
His name you did not remember when he introduced himself to you. That was one of nobles. He came up to you five days ago and called self as manager, or as peasant guild leader, and notified us with bad news that Motherland finally remembered modest Lokot Udebdeb who wasn't grabbed into military after some error in the records about fortress citizens. It's time to fix an annoying mistake but most fish cleaners, soapmakers and other scum of your migration wave already matured to the level of professional crossbowdwarfes you'll be pretty useless in army. The only vacancy for you is to be one of seven founders of new fort in the west near Unthinkable Mountains.

Open hatch and take a look. But don't enter!
Put paper in wallet and quickly run down to hatch, and, if there is nothing scareful seen/heard, go down.
Don't forget to secure hatch with wooden stick to be faster during retrieve.
Looks like someone locked hatch from inside. Interesting, who could it be.
No, seriously - it's locked. Probably, it's nessesary to find ways around to get on lower floor.

Keep climb up
Search the way up to reach the surface, there is probably someone hanging out
There is no way up on dug out level, right?

On the place where ladder up used to be on dug out level only couple of footboards left. The staircase was intentionally broken by somebody. Thoughts you've left Mountainhome alone settle harder and harder in your head and if not for your phlegmatic temperament, you would already start panic.

Then it's time to check what's in the east of the well.
You're back on your floor and went to the east. There are other poor peasants' streets, and not all of the rooms occupied.

Come to the room with sleepind dwarf. If it's locked -knock to the door.
Loudly. With the spoon.
You have you checked rooms, all were open and empty, except the one - it has some nasty loud snoring and was locked from inside.
After several banging at the door with the spoon you've been expecting for reaction. Inside there was a rustle of fuss on the bed and quiet bawdry then somebody tears out of bed and stomped toward the door.

Pushing the lock bolt, the owner left the room to you. For some reason you feel that a dwarf is not very happy with the rapid awakening. He looks at you and waits for

Tell him that manager calls to his office.
You blurted out first took into your head:
– Manager calls you to his office!
And to your surprise, he replied:
– Know without you! – and nervous stepped toward the bar.

But first, introduced ourself and then ask the name and occupation of bluesocked-well, meet properly, or he would think that's another psycho in front of him.
Ask him if he knows what the heck is going on in the fortress.
Also, ask him whether he is a member of the expedition.
If he's gonna bully (because of sudden invasion of his chambers) justify it to our concern about what is happening in the fortress, in particular, its abandonment.
Announce that he is the only dwarf in right mind, that we met for all day.

You followed him.
– I am Likot Soapeater, i'm here – you've started but the companion abruptly interrupted:
– I can not reciprocate! – and sternly looked baggy eyes.
Expected turn in conversation, you've started to explain:
– You see, in the morning in the fortress something strange's going on, all gone away... Well, I was worried as it is ... In general, you're the first sane dwarf, whom I saw today.
He you ignored it.
You continued:
– Do you know what is happening now in the fortress? And whether this is due to today's departure of the expedition? And yes, can I ask, maybe you are one of seven travelers?
Dwarf paused, took a deep breath and turned in your side:
– Dear soapwhatever, did not it bother you teka a little quiet, i have a headache even without you. Nooo, it's what you make – elfen drum of my door and and fill up the stream of meaningless questions in my ears.
Then he changed his tone:

– What do you want from me, then?

Stop annoy mason. let him wake up and assess the situation.
You have decided to pause for a while, and silently accompany him to the warehouse. but in the approach you have to remember that missed one small detail:

IS there some alcohol left in barrel? It's close to get heavy arm in face.
Oh, you've drunk last wine! And if this warthog'll drink water from the well, instead of wine, he'll sober and finally overraged. Here you have taken the most sensible solution: hide self away.

Well, screw this beardy. He woke up in bad spirit, awaked by annoying dwarf, so we'd better hide in other place, let he clears rage on bared ass dwarf. Or we would have to collect the teeth from the floor.
Taking a defensive position in the depth of a residential area, you were waiting. The storm was not long in coming, and soon you heard screams, and bawdry and thunder of breaking furniture.

I hope we are locked in the mason's room?
Watch the trash in the corner near the door.
When the noise died down, you got out of the shelter and looked around. Thi is not mason's room, it has wooden door not stone one. In trash in he corner you've found small uncut pyrite. It's hard even to call it decorative-too rough and small but can be usefull so you've picked it up.

You've risked and decided to return to the well and to assess the magnitude of the tragedy. Some doors were not in place, laid in the corridors, well bucket lost somewhere with a rope, and well itself was pretty... not in the best condition. Culprit of all this chaos stood there as if nothing had happened and calmly thumb unlit pipe.
– Wow – he said to you. – Got a light there? Lost my flint somewhere.
Well, this one settles down as quick as throwing a tantrum. We ought to be careful with it.

That's where pyrite is useful, let him lend him.
– Here – you reached out him the stone. You wanted to add that yoг don't smoke, but then changed your mind as this redneck can think you do not need that pyrite and do not return the stone. No way.

While the violent one is busy with the fueling pipe and smoking-try to unhook quietly or read a note on his back.
While mason chisel fiercely batters flint, igniting tinder, you decide to explore a piece of paper on his back. "TOK BUKETOTIL ONINOAGAK". Little message, written in the same handwriting and the same ink as in your paper. You have decided to leave it hanging on the back of a mason, so he do not see you with this piece of paper and think you wrote it.

Tok Buketotil and this blusocked mason same person? Ask him but not too straight(like, "hey, is it you carved, surrounded by bugs?")
Also ask if he is part of the expedition team.
Tok extinguished the fire, returned pyrite and dragged smoldering spores of plump helmets.
– Is it you so vivdely portraited? – You stuck your finger in the engraving on the wall – Looks similar.
– My job. What, like? Have given me the will, I would carve the entire fortress with masterpieces. And, yet, this is my only creation. – Tok annoyance replied.
– So you're engraver?
– ereditary. Just not recognized. What are you doing? – blusocked asked. And added – And yes, what were you trying to ask me in the hallway? I do not remember a damn thing.
– Yes, I woke up this morning, went out, and nobody around. Then I went to the canteen, and there is also empty. Wanted to go on the floors – it turned out that the hatch is shut down, and top floor ladder is a mess so that path is also cut.
– It's miners. – Tok interrupted.
– What?
– That they dug. And dragged away the rock down and locked up.
– And what does it all mean?
– Absolutely no idea. – A mason shrugged. – They hauled the ore down the stairs yesterday, just after the party. And now we are isolated from the rest of the fortress.
– Is that a quarantine? Beast with the syndrome roams the fortress , and they try thus to protect the health ones of the already infecteds?
– Armok knows. I was not dedicated. If we are lucky, all the answers to the questions we'll get on the evening meeting.
– So then it means you've been choosen for expedition too. – You guessed.
– Yep – Tok confirmed and again inhaled mushrooms smoke.

Ask if he has the ideas, what to do until the evening.
Is it possible to get through the well hole to the lower level, where miners are locked up?
Overlooking the fact, it is interesting to you or not, Tok has began to toell you about his childhood on surface swamps and describe in detals his haterd of mosquitoes. Listening to him with half an ear, you, to disattract of his guff, started to look lower floor through well. Right under you another well, you can see water on it's bottom. If you had a rope, you could go down there.

Oh, here's the rope!

Catch up and overtake and pick up the rope
Crazy one runs faster than both of you. Noticeably faster.

When the crazy will run past us next time-make him trip up, so that he fell
Lurking around the corner, you have been waiting for, when the bucket Thief shows up from the corner. At the right moment you ran out and stepped on the dragging rope. Mad felt with a clatter and passed out.

You went down the rope to the floor below. It has similar layout, except untied stockpiles and hospital instead of canteen.

Steal stuff from the hospital.
You've grabbed 2 bags with threads, cloth and soap. Will be useful in expedition. Cheking the rest of the hospital, you'fe found only splints and crutches and more threads ans soap. To maraud even more you've decided to look at the food stock but as soon as you walked towards the exit, there sounded shuffling steps, and grunting.

Black hairy dwarf with butcher slicer went into the hospital, carrying on his back another dwarf, with a shaved neck and face bandaged.

Ask the black dwarf, what he's going to do with the clean-shaven one and why is he in such poor condition (Oh Armok! I hope he's all right?)
Keep safe distance, just in case.
On your question about the health of the bald, black replied that he got a fracture, and he will live if you leave the hospital immediately.

See if there is any paper on back of green-sock-dwarf with a known content. If no-ask if it was earlier
Leaving you managed to see on the back of a doctor. Now you know his name - Meng Mamgozodur.
You haven't seen papaer on bald's back - perhaps it is already removed. You will be able to ask Meng whether his patient had any letters on his back.

Well, it's time to look around the food pile, by the way.
We should examine the food stocks as it was planned until Meng appearing.
Leaving for a while the butcher, and bald, you went to the stockpile. There wew the same plump helmets and crundl pieces, hoewver, also a couple barrels of dvarfen wine. You рфму invited Tok to sip some wine but he refused and said he can't умут see this mushroom wine again. You stuffed bags with food, so there is no free place left.

After this turn up toward the hatch and see if there is path even lower, as soon as here is living floor.
Staircase is going further down, the hatch is open, so that you can begin to explore the lower floors.

Residential floors are over. Lower then here are only service tunnels, mines and probably passage to caverns. The central passage is quite spacious, and along the wall spiral staircase goes down. Steps, starting at about the thirtieth, again broken out by someone.

Now you know for sure that you cut off from other fortress by some fans of ladder breaking.

Get a cage from the ladder, inspect it, if there is nothing value then try to throw it into a lever to push it.
Oh, look who is here!

Gosh, this is...


Knock down the mosquito with the stream of urine
Cover the cage with a cloth and remove out of the way
You've seen how Tok seriously dug into his pants to get antimosquito "weapon", and you decide to get ahead of him, hiding the cell. You covered cage with pillowcase and removed it from sight.

Get yourself a pet mosquito.
You can't tame mosquito – you already have a pet.
Tok can't pet him – he's pissed off with mosquitos.

Unlock the hatch upstairs. Throw bags of good to your floor's nearby room (ie, your room). Defer a bit to knapsack. Take ropу from the well. Remind Tok about manager and if he has not dumped it yet, get there to know what he actually wants.
When Tok got recovered, you opened the hatch and went upstairs to the room to throw the bags for a while. There is surprise expecting for you-new engraving on the wall stained with something red. What bastard dared to get into your room? What a bastard dared to spoil the engraving? And anyway, who could get unnoticed into your room during your absence? That psycho?

This is a list of members of the expedition "Valuable road."
You see 3 already familar names in the list so it's exactly your group's list, and fears that group named "Anal elf" not confirmed. Nevertheless, the paper looks alarming-it's lined through and in front of some of the erased names are the crosses. And, of course, the most menacing looks your name smeared with red.

I think we need o grab our bags and get back to Meng.
On way back check if guy we stunned woke up. Wel, alive at least.
Mad dwarf was lying in the same position you left him. With the finger on the artery, you felt the pulse so he's alive but got strong concussion.

Take rope from well.
Deassemble well and take mechanisms.
You pull up the rope and hid it in the bag. But there is no mechanisms - seems they felt down to very bottom when Tok destroyed well.

Strain memory and recall who is this Shorast LionBait
On the way to hospital Tok recalled that Shorast Kurelgeshak is name of the manager to which he haven't come today. There is no way to manager's office as soon as it's located on upper levels and there is no path there.
But when you've come back to the hospital, you realized that there is no need to look for manager in office.

Learn from the manager, whether or not we send to an expedition?
Why is fortress so empty?
Does he know ways form fortress to surface?
What's going on outside now?
Where to was trigger on lower level upstair linked?
What's behind the door near the lever?
Where does this stairway down lead?
Why is it destroyed?
Where can we found miner with pick?
Has manager put these crosses at the group list? If yes, what does it mean?
Where from manager has just come?
Ask doc/butcher where form he got injured guy. What (who) happened with with him?
Is it dangerous to stay here in fortress(thief/ambush/siege?)
Who's the maniac who painted our room and glued on members' backs papaers with "ONINO AGAK"?

– ...and here the go. – ended phrase Shorast. – And we have almost gone go look for you.
– That you're a manager, huh? – You asked.
– Definitely. – He replied. – You want me to say something.
– Yeah. – Confirmed Tok. – I would like to know what the hell is going on here? Why the hell the expedition prepared for and how it relates to what is happening now in the Mountainhome?
– Not related at all. – Said the manager – The expedition was planned long ago after the orders of the Queen as occupational therapy for some of no tthe most industrious dwarves. Frankly originally it was actually a plan to reduce the number of useless staff strength but the purposes of expedition now changed.
– So after all what happened? – You ask.
– Meng is already dedicated and you're, seems, not. We are under siege. Half of Guards were torned to pieces, and those who survived are in ambush on the upper floors. It happened yesterday, just as the celebration began in the new magma manufactories. On hearing the alarm about the attack, the panic began sometimes even broke out into hysterics, military began to feverishly run around the floors, collecting equipment all the time cursing each other and waving their fists.
– It's called Tantrum Spiral, in smart words. – Meng added.
– Yes, but why are the stairs broken? In this strange way of protecting ourselves we are cut off from the outside world! – you noticed.
– They say that threat is not only at the surface. Rumors of the smoke monster of the caverns, they say that those who saw him, died suddenly and those whowere in contact with died suddenly, too, quickly died. Putting barriers and dividing into autonomous territories began by miners. Moreover, no one gave them such order, they chose a leader and voluntarily immured in one of the burrows, dragged there ore, gems and a lot of stocks of food and wine. They have there now something like a bunker, inside of which they made a "Miner's People Republic." Well, what a nonsense, eh? In any case,they acted treacherously towards the rest of the fortress.
– Well done. Savvy guys, quickly realized what was happening. – Tok objected.
– What? But they are crazy! - Almost shouted the manager. – They are immoral chauvinists. You should have seen what they call the nobles "f***ing parasites", and all holders of non-miners professions don't treat even lika a slaves! They had the idea that only dwarf miner – worthy to be called dwarf, they patted all sorts of nonsense about true socialism, purity of blood and stuff. Well done, you say? So go there! Of course, if you are comfortable with the role of a door mat, or ... or anal elf. By the way, you still have this disgrace on your back! Shorast reached out and plucked a piece of paper from the Tok's back.

Shorast crumpled piece of paper and threw it away. Tok puzzled look on the manager, then to you, and opened his mouth to express outrage, but you interrupted.
– So downstairs lead to melting and caves, right?
– Well, yes. - Shorast said. - I thought you already know, you live here for a long time.
– Yeah. - lied you. - But I do not know what behind that door with a lever.
– There is danger room, torture room. You do not even have to know this, especially now, when we are not going to that area.
– Clear. By the way, where from has Meng brought this bald? We're sort of cut off from the rest of the fortress.
– I'm Vomym Fyfsysym. – Bald mumbled through the bandage.
– He says his name is Bomel Kithisin. – Translated Meng. – I've got him from landslide in the tonnel.
– What tonnel?
– We are digging evacuation tunnel on the other side of the mountain. There Anil is swinging with pick now, it is almost finished. – Shorast explained.
– Evacuation? That is, we do not go to the expedition but leave the fortress?

– In some way, but not exactly. The fortress has a lot of living to stay here and rebuild it. And the expedition has not been canceled and we still should be seven to hit the road. – Said the manager.
– Oh yeah. – You got a piece from the bag with a list of the group.what happened to those whose names are crossed out, and what do the crosses indicate?
– Oh, you found it! – The manager took from you a piece of paper. – It's simple. Crossed out means withdrew from expedition. Olin joined the rebel miners and plugged with them. Kurel was seen yesterday covered with bloody sores swimming in the underground river, he was lost the week before it. Sigun now somewhere on the upper floors, don't even know if he is alive. Zefon, walking on the surface, was the very first victim of the goblins' attack. But I did not But I'm not your name cross off your name. I can not even guess who did it and why.
– In my room through the entire wall painted the same sign as here. What is this sign, do you know?
–I do not know – Shorast shrugged. – On the other hand, it means that there is someone else on our floors. And we just do not have the seventh member of the expedition.

– Seventh? It's like three of us left.
– I thought you already knew that I go with you. Bomel goes too, we can't give up him here. And a miner Anil Avuzangish with us too, because he was not allowed in the "Miner's People Republic."
– Not allowed? But why? He's a miner.
– You'll see. For now we need to find this joker who shoved us his messages.-Shorast adjusted backpack over his shoulder. – And convice him join us. Because six can not go in anycase.
– Tradition, tradition ... Maybe once you can ignore them? - Meng said.
– Hyhymhm. - Added Bomel.
– Never! – Shorast made ​​a wry face and began a dramatic quoting of the Armok's commandments. – ...and if [their] number is seven, the grace divine will be sent to them, they will imbued with the power of the earth, and their fortress [will be] forever eternal. But if [their] number is six or [their] number is eight, a punishment and misfortune will haunt, About five there is even no speech.

– Okay, convinced. We go to seek a maniac.
You turned around and with Tok left the hospital, manager followed you.

1. Come back to our floor.
2. Two of us(like Meng and Bomel) stay wathcing at the stairs area, and, if someone is found, try to hold him and call others.
3. Two(Likot and Tock) start sweeping the entire floor, looking into every room. Again, if they find anyone- hold, raise alarm (shout).
4. Anothe one dwarf (Shorast) regularly goes from one group to another and asks if they've got somebody. Also, if something happened with one of the groups-he must inform the second one. If something happens with himself ie one of the groups will not be long enough receive messages from him-it moves back to stairs.
5. After cathing of anal elf (or anyone else, besides the bare crank) and the signal all the groups come together in the position where it was found (at positions where the signal was filed).

– Hmm, that's what we'll do. – Said Shorast after listening to you. Meng is put to guard on the second floor stairwell, and the two of you begin to check the area.

Wasting more than an hour, you can not find anyone but psycho, on all three floors. Delving into other dwarfs' things Tok nearthed somewhere rock mini-forge and took it, you have found wooden earrings. It's time to report to the manager that the search failed, so we have to take mad dwarf as seventh.

So after all, who would it be? Crazy? Unlikely. He could not write a meaningful message on the walls,, even if he simulates, it is too realistic. Tok? No, he was almost always next to you, besides hу got a note on the back too. Manager? Hmm, maybe. Anyway, who knows where all that time he roamed, and piece of paper, lying on the floor of your room, belongs to him, so there are more evidence against Shorast more than againist anyone else. Bomel? Also possible, he is painfully suspicious type. It will not be especially big surprise, if his leg is not fracturedwill, and no beard under the bandage on his face. However, no exact theory you were able to build, you are at a dead end, Holmes.

Stand still, and see that the ghost will do.

Emm... What kind of...
Wait a minute, there's nobody there. Apparently, it's just a cave draft waves a cloud of dust.

Nevertheless, the incident you scared a bit. Seeing a ghost has bring you both a bad thought.

Total bad thoughts: Likot 2 of 5, 1 of 4 Tok. Note: the Tok's countt is shorter because of his temperament, but he was dropped to zero after Tantrum. When you friended both got a good thought but good thought of Tok lost due to the mosquito. Then there was a ghost.

Wipe your eyes, look one more time, and retreat, speed up steps.
Nobody spoke, dat they should be normal? So take bared ass psycho.

You have found a bedsheet and you have used it as a stretcher for psycho

– Here! We found someone. – You presented a psycho to manager.

– What is it? Why is he bare with bucket on head? In general, he is alive?
– This is local mad dwarf. – you explained. – Ran through the corridors without looking on the way, he stumbled and passed out. While he is sedated, it's even more convenient to handle, so we can pick him up, he would not object. By the way, what is being said out there in your bible about the involvement of the loonies in the expedition?
– Hmm. Plain text in the commandments seems to be no prohibition, but, you know... Although... – Shorast eyes staring into space and thought for a moment. – On the other hand, we have not much choice here, so take him. In addition, he is blessed, and Dementia is a gift that eliminates the distress, given to martyrs by Armok. Yes, the gods are unlikely to become angry, if we take him with us. Decided.
– I wonder if you know who this dwarf is? Are you seen him before?
– Remove the bucket from his head, and maybe I can help identify it. – Said the manager.

You tried to remove the bucket from the head of a psycho, but you did not. Apparently the already small bucket after hitting the floor crumpled it and more tightly stuck on his head.

– Can't.
– Well then. – Shorast sighed. – Then leave him as is for a while. Let's call him Lides, until we know his real name. You agreed with the new nickname of psycho, loaded his bared ass on the bed in the hospital and went to collect the remaining belongings.

On the surface is evening.

Use Tok's hammer and chisel or Meng's slicer. Pre-roll up Lides with bed sheets-he would suddenly wake up in pain. In the extreme case do the observation slit.
Looking for a way to remove the bucket from Lides' head you tried a in the head lot of variants came to mind including shaking with legs, cutting off with slicer and perforation of the bucket with chisel. All this bouncing could at best case does not lead to anything, but also could deprive the crank his scalp or even head. Even if you had of a normal mechanic anyway he needed a cutter thinner and harder, saw would amiss and some oil wouldn't hurt. In general, the only thing you could do useful - to break a couple of holes for the eyes.

Still need to learn from Shorast if we have grub and booze and generally, what kind of things planned to take with us on an expedition.
And yet, to ask whether we put forward today, or spend the night at first? if we spend the night here, where, in our chambers or in one room to more safety?

It is time for the meeting. You have six here, the seventh, according to the manager, has briefed and waiting for the rest at the top with a wagon. Most of the luggage had already sunk into the wagon, so take away with you only personal belongings and warm clothes. You go today, will spend the night five miles from the fort in the old tavern.

Shorast reminded you once again that there are goblins on the surface. For this reason, the course of the expedition is to change and re-calculate. On the whole way, we have exactly five weeks to catch up to thepoint of arrival to first of Granite. Manager showed us his map to approximately explain where we're going to settle.

Let us now draw a new route. How did we go through?


Argued, you have come to some agreement.
First we don't go through goblin hord.
Second – way through the tundra, though shorter, but now, in winter it can be unbearably cold. Besides, is not the fact that the tundra is safer to go – say, there are found werewolves and sasquatches. Chances croak in the tundra are not less than at a meeting with the goblins.
Third, in the south with the elves. The prospect of meeting with eareds immediately caused a rejection of the majority of team members, but but the manager assured all that the elves now have very good relations with us. Well, in a sense, enough good so they do not become hunt and shoot us in the head if we get closer to their forest. However, walking to visit them can still be fatal so Elven Retreat must be passed quickly and quietly.
Over the forrest ther is swamp which can be circumvented in three ways: at south, along the mountains, or straight over ice. Go to the south is clearly not a reason, because the road will become much longer and too close to green asses snake nest. The way the ice is more risky, but it can be much faster than if you go over rocks and ruts in northern wetlands.
Finally, go to town or not, we'll decide on the situation. Not only do we now know what is happening in the city but so after a couple of
weeks when we get there, there generally can happen anything. So we don't make plans in advance.

Shorast hid the the card and told everyone to go to the tunnel. We leave. Those who do not have warm clothes, they will get in a wagon. All stocks of food, booze, and the seeds are already loaded and waiting outside.

You went for a long time in the dark and narrow tunnel. Making your way between the boulders, you moved to the door until it ran into a dead end. Manager hit the wall four times. and the stone slab, block the entrance, has begun move away.

The door was opened by a creature, that resembled a dwarf. He stood a whole head taller all and his beard seemed very small because this. Without the beard, you would have thought it was human.

Make the most friendly face and say hello to the critter as well as the present self. Let him think that we do not suspect.
– Do not be afraid, it is Anil, he is a dwarf. – calmed us Shorast. Anil now will lead us to the wagon.
The big one nodded silently and motioned called to follow him.

End of the first part.